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😱HUGE FREE GAME Just Revealed!😱 New Nintendo Switch Update!

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BIG NINTENDO SWITCH GAME GOES FREE! DOWNLOAD THIS! In today’s Nintendo Switch news, we get an AWESOME free game, new Nintendo Switch Online update, a Monster Hunter Direct, we talk Switch OLED burn in, and more! Check out PDP here: (Save 10%: SWITCHFORCE10)

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How do you feel about these new Switch news stories? SwitchForce is the best place for all the latest news and Nintendo Switch leaks, and we’ve got you covered morning, noon, and night! While we wait for the new Nintendo Direct, the new Switch update, and the latest Switch leak, let’s discuss the Nintendo Direct, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, Nintendo Direct 2022, new Nintendo Direct, new Switch games 2022, New Switch games coming soon, Monster Hunter Rise free, Monster Hunter Rise trial, Monster Hunter Direct, New Switch Online Update, and more! Are YOU going to play Monster Hunter for free?! Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. I am excited, as I like the demo, but this may numb it up to top of next game to buy.

    Me I lived near Disneyland, so have been there long ago several times as a child, since I can only do few rides due to motion sickness haven't had the desire to spend so much just to walk around. I love Disney, specially old school Disney.

  2. Sony and Nintendo need to have themes again Playstation 5 doesn't have themes neither

  3. Definitely unfollowing this click bate channel

  4. I wish we could use the unlockable frames and backgrounds with our mii characters

  5. wtf are you smoking this is in no way a full game if we only have it for a week. give it to us for as long as we're subscribed.

  6. i still hope for an update (or dlc) for monster hunter stories 2 to balance the game. we do have not much dragons and no good water monsties (whats about speed dragon type genes? good water type genes and also whats about critical ice type genes please?) MHS2 is a very great game, please support the game!

  7. 5400 hours to burn in is about 8 hours a day for 3 years. Sounds pretty safe. I've already got monster hunter. Just bring on the dlc!

  8. Nintendo need to sort out the joy cons I have 12 faulty sets it’s Ridiculous . 2 sets are from my Oled less than few months old .. All 11 pairs have drift and 1 set just won’t work at all .

  9. Yesssss!!!
    .. I would pay for themes!
    Shut up and take my money!!💰💰💰

  10. me just chillin "breath of the wild 2 was announced 1000 days ago" me :O

  11. I doubt the Monster Hunter Rise Save Data will carry over to the full game.

  12. I heard of monster games but no thank you specially for a week not worth it I don’t think you can pick up a game and convince yourself you like it it takes more than a week I wish they would make games for free permanently but it’s a good step good job Nintendo

  13. So its a free trial not a free game……

  14. A whole week. Wow. We are so blessed. So basically a demo.

  15. Not even the same it’s just a game trial thing that they usually do

  16. You love Disney because YOU are the happiest person I see on YouTube!

  17. Nuthin' against ye mate, but seein' as there's a "…for Nintendo Switch Online Members" written below it, it ain't free. Might as well wait out the pc version cos, I love MH, but even that ain't gon' make me subscribe to an online-play pass.

  18. fck free games ! these mfkrs banned russians from their store ! damn Nintendo.

  19. Nintendo isn't giving us the game, the developers are letting you play it hoping you will buy the whole thing, because if you play something for a few days and enjoy it then you want to buy the game to complete it.

  20. No free game. Just a free week for Monster Hunter Rise

  21. I've been to Disney World 4 times, and Disney Land once. The last time in Disney World was a nightmare with having to do everything through their new Genie app.Worst experience I've ever had.

  22. I don’t know that this really counts a free game since you only have access to it for a week. It’s like saying that you get get free games on gamepass. Not really, you are paying a subscription for them.

  23. Who the hell wants a corded controller in 2022? The cord better be atleast 20ft to reach to a normal couch. Danm you got me excited like maybe it was fall guy or something. Nope it's stupid monster hunter. That game is boooring.

  24. It took u over half of the video just to tell me what the title says. U do this a lot and it’s really tiring to have to listen to something I don’t care about for over half of the video just to get to the point. Can I ask that u at least put time stamps in the video to be able to see what’s actually in the title, it would be much appreciated.

  25. You hyped up a week of dumbass monster hunter?? The game's not even full price anymore. When you have a game made by Nintendo going for more than a week then Ill care

  26. Stop click baiting me bro lol nothing is free

  27. one week is technically a time trial, stop sugarcoating Nintendo's crap online service, i unsubscribed because its really useless to me, they aren't giving me anything new or ground breaking when it comes to online services, also the dlc packs technically aren't free, i'd rather pay the money to have those dlc over paying 50 every year, in the end your still paying for them and your giving them more money as time goes on. on the other hand you buy the dlc and it's a one time payment. I do love nintendo been a player ever since '89 but the online aspect with this company is over charged and they don't offer me anything of real value to what my gaming life is.

  28. i need help playing mhr..i’m so lost and confused 😭

  29. Yes we all definitely want themes. Also, It's not for free it's only for a week/limited time and if they decide to make games free to play do do so for GameBoy & GameCube games. Lastly, most of the Nintendo game players like actually buying they're games, especially to own them physically.

  30. MonHun is a risky thing to make free. It's not exactly a shallow learning curve, that one.

  31. So can play it for a week, whoopee Doo. So it is a game trial

  32. That sucks in a way i can still dowmload all my games from live to my 360 and play them even when im not a live member dunno if they changed that on one and up but it is incredible

  33. You don't actually call monsters monsties in the monster Hunter franchise unless it's the JRPG spinoff

  34. Hey guys I got my Nintendo stwich successful to gta 5 with the help of above name🔝🔝

  35. Hey guys I got my Nintendo stwich successful to gta 5 with the help of above name🔝🔝

  36. Dude this is sweet info…thank you so much for the content!

  37. I’m hoping for themes for the switch like they did for the 3DS

  38. i understand how you try to be positive but nintendo is probably one of the greediest companies in gaming and always get a pass it seems. A FREE GAME… for a week. so basically a free trial of a game..

  39. Guys, Monster Hunter Rise is not really free at all. You have to buy and set up a subscription service in order for to access 7 Day Free Trial for Monster Hunter Rise. Players are being left out because they don't want to pay or set up a subscription service.

  40. Yeah, OLED burn in isn’t a big deal. I have an OLED Vita and the most burn in effect you’ll get is maybe seeing some slight burn in present on totally blacked out screens. It kinda looks like a Forest-type pattern. Looks like trees. At least on my Vita. But once somethings playing on the screen, there’s no burn in to be seen. 👍🏼 Dont sorry. The PS Vita OLED had been out for about 10 years and I’ve had mine and played it constantly for the last 4-5, and it hasn’t gotten worse whatsoever. You’re all good. 😎

  41. I am totally going to grab the free game !! This is awesome !!

  42. Might be a silly question but I need clarification. What if I enjoy the trial for MHR and decide to buy the game physically, after the trial ends if I insert the game can I pick up from where i left off with all the progress i made intact?

  43. Where did you get your Mickey Mouse shirt?

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