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10 Best FREE Car Racing Games You Can Play Right Now

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We’ve found 10 free racing games for you to play. Get your speed racing fix without breaking the bank.
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Victory: The Age of Racing
Download for free:

Download for free:

Copa Petrobras De Marcas
Download for free:

Live for Speed
Download for free:

World of Speed

Nitronic Rush
Download for free:

CSR Racing 2

Real Racing 3

Forza 6 Apex

TrackMania Nations Forever
Download for free:


  1. Are there any games u can build ur own car in

  2. Bro you Completely Forgot Asphalt 8 and 9 There are Free to play and available on both PC and mobile

  3. What the hell is this why isn't Asphalt 8 in this list?

  4. Do these games support split screen mode? If anyone knows pls tell

  5. Forza horizon 5 and Forza horizon 4: ……………………… you jokiN’

  6. I smashed my tv screen because vegan teacher

  7. Well can we play them with " logitech G29" steering wheel?

  8. Cant find any good racing games on app store. They either want all your money or the enemys are fucking broken like asphalt xtreme. For being 100% free that games a fucking ripoff. You could be nitro boosting the entire race and youll still be third place to two bot that havent used nitro at all the whole round. ENEMIES YOUR LEVEL

  9. Read in the ratings and reviews for csr 2 that the game fucks you over with mad paywalls

  10. world of speed just looks like a cheapskate version of forza horizon (not trying to be offensive)

  11. GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth says:

    F1 Mobile Racing is amazing

  12. "mostly in brazilian" ;-;

  13. thank you now i can play storygame with dricing easier since i got the worst driving that i got worst reputation in one game

  14. GUYS, at number one you put the name of the second best game on the list 🙂

  15. map world ofspeed is from blur :3 wow nice cope

  16. all these games look like the games you play in an arcade with the motorcycle

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