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10 Best FREE Games On Nintendo Switch!

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GOOD FREE TO PLAY games on Nintendo Switch! Games you DON’T have to spend money on! Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon | I made a Playlist with ALL 40 FREE Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing 👉

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  1. sky cotl is one of my favorite games, i had it on mobile first then got my switch and switched to playing on my switch! my friends and i play this and gift eachother daily lights, etc. 100/10 would reccomend! i play sky cotl, fnaf SL, and acnh the most on my switch!

  2. Im literally new here im not subscribed but i will be because i really like the effort you put into ur videos u can tell, love it here!!!! ❤️ im from cali

  3. Vigor is game form Czech republic 😌

  4. Whats the skin to have yellow color body and joycon of that a Switch on your thumbnail?

  5. 10 best free games, I didn't see 1.?

  6. 1:11– Sky can also be played in mobile but id recommend in the ninteendo since the quality, controlls and many things are amazing there! (writing isnt everybodys type there but the rest is still good)

  7. Apex legends doesn't work for me on nintendo it stands that I dont have any space even if i just have apex legends

  8. How long do you boil an what Nintendo game cuz I don't have none Nintendo games on my mom don't even read

  9. I was gonna get a nintendo switch in my 11th bday so i just searched this up and found this thanks alot!

    Btw i gotta wait like 5 or 6 months to get em i guess bc my bday is on october

  10. The fighting game reminds me of mortal Kombat

  11. Look for a spider man game on the switch

  12. Wish Turok would be considered for the switch.

  13. Well I can beat durun I ran into 5 and beat them all

  14. the first free game on the video is kinda like genshin impact lol

  15. technically apex legends isn't free it uses like 24 gb and you need a micro sd card.

  16. I don't really play Skye in nintendo cause I can play in mobile

  17. this is my first time in your channel . i dont have switch because its very expensive here in philippines, but watching you makes me feel happy . . Thank you

  18. Today I got my first friend request on acnh and when it popped I was so happy till I seen it had sky on I loved sky cause I had it on my phone till I ran out of space so I was elated to find it was free and I downloadd it that's why watching this to see all the free games

  19. sky took 1 hour wait no 3 hours wait no 2 hours wait no 2 hours wait no 30 min to download

  20. Vigor looks magnificent! Reminds me of state of decay 2! How's that free?!

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