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10 Best FREE Nintendo Switch Games! (2021)

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Think there aren’t a ton of great Nintendo Switch games to play on a budget? Think again. Let’s talk about the 10 Best FREE Games on the Nintendo Switch in 2021 to learn about games you can play now, with NO money!


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  1. Asphalt 9 is one of my favourite games on the Switch, it is amazingly fun and I have played it for hours and never spent a penny. I think the Achilles heal of these micro-transaction games are your young players that don't quite grasp the concept of their parents money yet!

  2. You forgot fighting game called fantasy strike, i think its cool and for free.

  3. Hating on Fortnite is just a trend nowadays, it’s an amazing game

  4. Why does no one talk about how warfare is extremely predatory and pay to win?

  5. can i ask if all games you mentioned is playable in switch lite as well?

  6. Can I play war frame on split screen with my friend?

  7. Don't forget HiRez…Paladins,Rogue Company, Realm Royale..also Crsed FOAD..Knives Out ( Japan eshop).

  8. XBox Gamepass: Buy a game if you want but you really don't need to.
    PS Plus: Buy games but when you get bored we got some really good stuff waiting for you.
    Nitendo: Here's some 💩 polish it for us and if you pretend to have fun long enough… You might have some.

  9. You missed SMITE one of the most free to play games. Sue there are micro trans actions, but maybe 50% of them can be earned.

  10. Predatory but fun in the end….that’s exactly what Roman Polanski said in his court defense

  11. I wish ghost x ultimate transfer to switch. It is the best unique mmorpg i've ever played yet already dead a game. But gameplay mechanic is very simple and surely fit to switch. The graphic is simple but also amazing with animeted style.

  12. Finally a video that doesn’t only say Mario this Mario that, etc Didn’t even know they had vigor or war frame on Nintendo! You my friend, know great games 😉

  13. I'm trying to figure out if the Switch is something i should buy.. I'm a PlayStation guy, but rarely touch my Vita because its pretty dead. One thing that could nudge me to buy it is Rocket League, a game i play a lot since it came out. Now my question is… can you play the game with your current account (the one on my PS)? Or do you start from scratch and have to create a new account? If someone knows, please let me know. 😊

  14. If i get a Nintendo switch or the lite would i have to buy a membership





  16. Definitely aint download every game on the list😅

  17. Why are there quite a lot of games you mentioned that I cannot find in the eShop? I.e bomberman, DC universe

  18. Warface & warframe & vigor r better then cod mobile or pubg

  19. hmm audio keeps cutting off but all in all good video.

  20. Thank you for suggesting Warface, Warframe and Vigor. I was disappointed to find out that PUBG and COD aren’t available for the switch but these are good alternatives. Thanks!

  21. I just got my Nintendo today and now I know exactly what to get thanks to you👍

  22. If you like skyrim check out elder scrolls blades it a free to play game on the switch

  23. oh i have vigor fortnite rocket leage and warframe

  24. Can you play black nintendo switch world war z

  25. Am I safe to say that Vigor is basically like Rust but with their own mechanics?

  26. Thank you I'm currently watching and downloading games for my kids

  27. Didn't younhad a cannabis channel too? You seen familiar

  28. Warface & Dauntless most played free games!

  29. Warframe got me feeling like
    "Standing here I realize that you are just like trying to make history"

  30. Sorry if I miss understood this tip that's my bad. So it's better to have your Nintendo switch on "Airplane mode" if you're playing online a lot? What if you're playing at Home just using it as a Handheld device playing a Game?

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