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10 Best FREE Nintendo Switch Games! (2021)

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Think there aren’t a ton of great Nintendo Switch games to play on a budget? Think again. Let’s talk about the 10 Best FREE Games on the Nintendo Switch in 2021 to learn about games you can play now, with NO money!


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  1. Really great video and list RGT 85.

    Warframe and Rocket League are probably the best 2 Free too Play Games on any Platform.

  2. I will hv to download some of these for sure

  3. Vigor needs some more love for sure. Thanks for including it in your video!

  4. "one of the most underrated characters in Nintendo Franchises is Kirby"
    Don't tell that to the Kirbo mains in Smash that hand it to me lol

  5. I really liked war face. But when I played it it kept playing the exact same map I wouldn’t ever change. I couldn’t figure it out.
    But a really good I’ve found is knockout city. Only thing that sucks about it is that it forces you to buy it after you reach rank 25.

  6. "If you can restrain yo self"

    That game is a mobile game I'm sleeeeep

  7. Warframe is all I play for the last 8 months

  8. Hit me up if you have nintendo giftcard to sell, i will pay with btc

  9. please, turn on ball cam. and controller is better then kbm on rocket league

  10. Warface is fun for a little while. However in my experience it got super sweaty and the matches became very very unbalanced. Pay to win is definitely a big part of the game. I will say tho that I had that experience with it on the Xbox counterpart, so it could be different. However I would not be surprised if that was the same case for the switch version

  11. I basically only use my switch for rocket league but its actually really fun when you get used to the mechanics ⚽️🚗

  12. I wish a game like destiny was ported to the switch

  13. Animal Royale needs a review. That one caught me by surprise and is very addiciting.

  14. Finally someone who feels sorry for my wallet.

  15. Awesome post! I downloaded a bunch of those to try out today and am excited to check them out!

  16. Animal Royal, a free to play cute mini take of Fort knight. My little girl showed me this and now I'm hooked. Seriously check it out

  17. Time stamps my dude please time stamps it’s 2021 man

  18. Should I buy the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch OLED ?

  19. Mouse and keyboard is not an advantage in rocket league, I can assure you😂

  20. Is fortnite free game? It wont start untill you have bought the “nintendo online”, will it?

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    —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– i got resources from 💜 "NINTENDO.BITMOD.MONSTER" 💜

  24. I got my switch 2 days ago and I have got good recommendation from free to play to actually retail games from you well done

  25. This guy makes Fred Durst seem totally cool

  26. Just because it’s free don’t mean it’s not a AAA game…Asphalt 9 look better than a few so called AAA games

  27. I started playing warface after smash cause I was bored and now I'm in high ranks with lots of stuff just by playing casually without spending money.

  28. warface is genius for the switch……… its black ops on the toilet or in my closet away from my family

  29. 7:45___– who plays RL on mouse and keyboard there’s like no advantage

  30. Asphalt 9 is one of my favourite games on the Switch, it is amazingly fun and I have played it for hours and never spent a penny. I think the Achilles heal of these micro-transaction games are your young players that don't quite grasp the concept of their parents money yet!

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