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10 Best Free PS5 & PS4 Multiplayer Games 2022

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Hi, thanks for watching our video about Free PS5 & PS4 Multiplayer Games
Free-to-play games have become a significant part of modern gaming, and PlayStation offers hundreds of very successful titles. And in today’s video, I will show you the 10 Best Free PS5 & PS4 multiplayer games to play in 2022.

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0:00 Introduction
0:18 Splitgate
0:42 World of Warships Legends
1:02 Call of Duty Warzone
1:22 Paladins
1:39 Destiny 2
2:01 Super Bomberman R Online
2:25 Warface
2:49 Dauntless
3:10 Fortnite
3:32 Apex Legends


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  1. Tysm it helps a lot bc I cant find 2 player games btw you got a new sub

  2. Thx to u I know what I’ll we’ll play

  3. Over a hundred? Mor elike barley anything on the PS4 that is free and good, Warframe atm I have never encountered any multiplayer aspects, despite having a chat-

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