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10 Best Local Multiplayer PC Games (You Can Now Play Online With Steam)

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The best local multiplayer games PC are even better as you can now play them online with Steam Remote Play Together. From local coop games to classic couch multiplayer, we tested them to find our 10 best. Oh, and check out our Rock Paper Shotgun Displate store, to help support the channel. Click here:

A long time ago we looked at the 10 best PC coop games of all time (see our best coop games here: ), but this list is all about the games that previously forced you to play in local multiplayer, but can now be enjoyed with friends online – and your pals don’t even have to buy them. The beauty of Steam Remote Play Together is that only one person needs to own the game in order for it to be shared for a coop session. Very nice.

Of course, the potential list of best PC multiplayer games would be massive, so we’ve definitely missed some classics. Please share your top multiplayer games below – particularly your best Remote Play games. Dazzle us with your selection.

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  1. I have a suggestion. Including list of the name of the games in the description will make this channel more inclusive for non-English-native speakers. Some channels even segment their video with bookmarks of each game which I find very helpful.

  2. What if you want to sit on the couch together? I have games like Saints Row 3 and borderlands on Steam but can't play them with someone else that is with me. ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!

  3. "My Worms are all named after communist dictators"
    One worm is named Karl Marx


  4. My favorite local multiplayer game is Duck Game. I really believe it's a must have game to play with your friends!

  5. The cow from shitty beat 2: electric boogaloo says:

    Is rivals of aether on remote play?

  6. I like bad ice cream 3 on hudgames soooooo much!! it is the best!!!!

  7. an alternative to remote play is an app called parsec

  8. Castle Crashers is missing. Really good for remote play.

  9. Think I'll take a look at Overcooked 2. Thanks for the list!

  10. Its only work for local? Or my friends must buy the game first?

  11. Oh Hi Just Wondering If All This Games Are Offline?
    pls reply im gonna play with my big brother tom… Thanks!!💗

  12. Karl Marx is NOT a Communist dictator. Jesus,

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