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10 Best Recent Free Games You NEED To Experience

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The free-to-play genre of video games has done nothing but continue to grow in 2020. With that, just as it has done over the past several years, the free-to-play space of video games has succeeded in maintaining its massive role in gaming and introduced a better variety of types of experiences then one who’s looking into the genre from the outside might expect.

Free to play games have lots of different sorts of experiences within it, and this list also aims to reflect that. With that, here is our list of the 10 best free games that, if you haven’t tried yet, perhaps you should consider doing so.


  1. I love free to play games and love to try new things

  2. Rogue Company should at least get an honorable mention. In a sea of first person competitive shooters, it’s third person. Plus it runs at 120 FPS on the new consoles.

  3. For some F2P games the first 10-20 hours is free, then it's like paying an MMO subscription by the hour. In other ones you're compelled to buy some skin, any skin to have some semblance of choice of customization. If I sense pay-to-win or get tipped off at pay-to-progress it's a no go.

  4. Smite is really awesome, it's grown so much in the past 2 years and it's just getting better.

  5. There's this game called Warzone that people need to know about. Maybe a big channel like this could help out the little guys like the developers of this game.

  6. Stop mentioning battle Royales in these lists. Waste of a possible good mention.


  8. Bless and Valorant are garbage,dont waite your time

  9. There is NO SUCH THING as a "good" free to play game. Prove me wrong…

  10. It's really old but I play csgo all the time

  11. Valorant more than.. some what inspired by Overwatch? Ever heard of CSGO. Valorant is baby child of overwatch and CSGO.

  12. I've been thinking about trying out bless but Black Desert got me

  13. Marvel's avengers should have gone free to play

  14. Genshin made more money in 3 months than all the other games on this list combined

  15. Dauntless, Bless Unleashed, Spellbreak, SkyForge, Rogue Brigade, Hyper Scape

  16. Let's be honest, Genshin Impact is a mobile game disguised as a cross platform game

  17. HAHA, more like 10 recent free games that you SHOULD avoid

  18. Remnants is one I haven’t heard of. Going to have to look it up.

  19. I can't agree about Destiny: New Light. Previous contents that were available to play are removed because of Beyond Light….

  20. Star Wars: The Old Republic is right now my favorite F2P. Still fun since 2011.

  21. Surprised Legends of Runeterra isn’t on here’ the one good no pay-to-win card game

  22. 5:47 Beyong Light is litterally the worst expansion for Destiny 2 and most long term players were very disappointed. The reviews are devastating. So please do some research before pushing out statements like this. The content they added compared to the content they cut out is just laughable.

  23. Destiny is to busy trying to cater to new players than their veteran ones

  24. Crackwatchers are like "Every game is free to play"!

  25. My very first game of Spellbreak I came in first place. If I play a million other BR games I’m pretty sure that will never happen again.

  26. No Rogue Company? It is by far my favourite F2P game from 2020. Initially it was Genshin Impact, but I just could not deal with the grind, especially after adventure level 30. I did enough to finish the new story quests, but I rather play something else than spend hours grinding.

  27. Tried genshi impact last night, found it really boring and there was so much pop up

  28. Valorant? rather play Rogue Company and Splitgate Arena

  29. But Destiny 2 nor there expansion aren't free. Maybe that one was but was this even on the list?

  30. I've downloaded valorant once but i can't play it because i got missing .dll error. 😔

  31. hyperscapre and valorant sucks. i prefer paladins

  32. only play Valorant on the consoles if you can. anyone with a pc shouldn't touch the game since the anti-cheat is on the same level as the nsa.

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