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10 Fan Service Free Online Games Volume 1:

Blade and Soul

Scarlet Blade

Sword Girls



Peria Chronicles

Soul Worker

Tree of Savior

League of Angels

Black Desert Online

10 Fan Service Free Online Games Volume 1

As you surely know by now, it’s not just the quality of a game that sells; sometimes it’s the eye candy, the risqué material that gets the game out there and makes it more popular than it sometimes deserves to be. In other cases, some fan service just won’t hurt the success of the best games – in fact it will probably help them. Even if some players find this appeal kind of odd, it’s undeniable that images of beautiful women usually help games find a larger audience, that’s just how it works with videogames and movies.

This is our first volume of a new series that sees how some games try to use fan service to help themselves, please players and ultimately become successful. Mind you, not all of them actually needed the extra help, we can’t stress that enough. Let’s begin with our first 10 games, in no particular order.


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Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore:
Intro Music: The Easton Ellises ()
BGM: Tomas Skyldeberg – Together We Rule The World 1 | Krewella – Come and Get It (Razihel Remix)

Thank you to Rendermax for some of the footage used in this video:

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  1. I want a game that if someone walks in on me playing I won't have to open up porn because it's easier to explain

  2. Okay so in blade and soul I can't find out how to dance

  3. u have to be gay not to like it. Plus sex sells its proven fact why deny it some restaurant even hire just sexy women and some women had to have surgery to look hot so whats the big deal? u just have to stop being gay and be a man

  4. Can we be completely honest though, Blade and Souls male characters are like DAMN too. Like holy shit I have never thought I would make a male mmo character, but blade and soul baby. Just wanna climb some of those male gons like the sexy trees they are…

  5. omg….. plot's plot's everywhere

  6. Loved the Video, but think that Peria Chronicles should be more like Blade and Soul and Soul worker , as in a cross between Anime and Realistic for the Characters. Do you agree on this.

  7. I really hate browser games specially the kind like League of Angels all those types of games look the same to me and full of a lot of text that makes me not want to play them. A lot of things on the interface and the combat is like all the time automatic which I don't like.

  8. Oh wow, Sword Girls. Now that's kind of a blast from the past. Tried it a bit, but it was really hard to get anywhere unless you paid to get much of the cards.
    Although I'm still happy to hear (from this vid actually) that they are back alive lol.

  9. and where you left tera, vindictus, aion, revelation, bless xD i think i can continue all the day :v

  10. God damn i love you're intros ❤❤

  11. name of the game when it starts the video with the girl dancing please !!!

  12. In case anyone wonders, the dubstep song in the "music video" section of this video is called
    Krewella – Come And Get It (Razihel Remix) 🙂

  13. Tried to download Black Desert online, and it says, I have to Buy it, and I can only play it free for 7 Days only. so am waiting for it to be totally free. like Tera, so I can start Playing it, as it looks really Awesome

  14. Love the choice of Games on this Video, so though are a little cartoony.

  15. League of angels on mobile is actually fun for a while… not as over the top money grab as the pc one… actually played the mobile first and disliked the pc one alot due to expectations… damn those…

  16. I would like to know what song is being used when the game titles are up on the screen. (the guitar strumming parts) it's not any of the songs in the description as far as I can tell.

  17. im still waiting for the perfect game that fuses the most graphic fan service and perfect gameplay, the kind of game youll use for all your needs, whether it be lust for blood or just plain lust 😉 a triple A NSFW title you wouldnt even accidentally buy for your kids at a pawn shop.

  18. why worry about fanservice when I can hit nutaku and actually see some coitus….

  19. i wanted to try Onigiri recently… but it always crashes when starting the launcher, so it doesn´t even download the game… sad … any idea how to fix this?

  20. doesn't black desert have a price? unless i probably read it wrong on the internet

  21. HeArthstone, Sounds like HEART, not Herthstone sounding like a hearse

  22. I will be always a simple man. I see boobs, I watch the video. <3

  23. Nothing else, I just want the BGM at the start

  24. Hmm, better change the introduction text: "Top Fan Service Free games sounds as if these games are Fan Service FREE.

  25. I wanted to look for an MMORPG without fanservice, but every single time I press "search", all I get is top 10s of games who have the MOST fanservice, which I damn hate.
    I hate fancervice mostly because of how it's applied, some games are all "deep and dramatic", but then you get a soldier in absurd giggle physics, extremely skimpy bikinis and just a dumb overall look for a soldier in general. I get it that you've got this "magic shield of magicness", but at least wear something comfortable and possibly fitting for the scenario, for fuck's sake!
    If you want your character to wear something revealing ok, it's your character, but that should still be fitting the theme of the game and not completely annhilate it.

  26. If you think the human body is exaggerated on bns go do some browsing on Instagram lol

  27. Ugh… please fix your English.
    I easily mistook it for 10 "Fan Service-free" Online games, and not free 10 "fan service" online games.
    Well, granted, the title didn't have the dash there, but the ordering of the words.
    Though I guess the thumbnail speaks for itself, so that's…kinda fair enough…

  28. What was the music in the intro? the easton ellises? But which one!?

  29. Are these all pc games?

  30. Blade & Soul should be on ps4 so you can enjoy a bigger screen experience gameplay

  31. As for character customization, blade and soul is the best game I know. As for the game, I think there are better.

    As for costumes, so far as I have seen, Aura Kingdom has the most costumes, which the vast majority of them can be obtained with in-game money, without having to pay like other games.

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