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10 Fan Service Free Online Games Volume 2 | FreeMMOStation.com

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10 Fan Service Free Online Games Volume 2:




Kingdom Under Fire 2

Asker: The Light Swallowers

Continent of the Ninth Seal C9

Kritika Online

Kabod Online

Doom Warrior

Cosmic Break 2

10 Fan Service Free Online Games Volume 2

You asked for it, and we’re happy to oblige – here’s volume 2 of our Fan Service series, with another 10 free online games where eye-candy meets gameplay… well, at least in some of them. As you probably know, we left some heavyweights out of the first video on purpose, so let’s cut straight to the chase and begin.


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Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore:
Intro Music: The Easton Ellises ()
BGM: Tomas Skyldeberg – Together We Rule The World 1 | Krewella – Come and Get It (Razihel Remix)

Thank you to Rendermax for some (a lot!) of the footage used in this video:


  1. What the fuck is this shit? – is THIS what video-games have now devolved to?….Degrading women to all look like sluts… so male perverts can get their rocks off over pixelated girls?… WTF??

  2. Doctor help me, I see oppais everywhere!

  3. If the game developer would invest their time into the gameplay, story, visual effects, animations, models or anything else instead of making female charactes with gigantic ass and boobs(physics) the games would be so much better.

  4. So this video is all about perverts and boobs? -_-

  5. You missed Conan Unchained. You can be topless from the start. I saw a video for a nude mod for Vindictus.

  6. the music used in the skyforge segment is a song called Kralle-Frontier(Ft Jasmina Lin-Jay Christopher)
    Your Welcome ^_^

  7. just went through like seven bottles of water

  8. Shame about kabod, curiousity was going to make me go check out that game…

  9. Hey @FreeMMOStation.com Kabod was shutdown by the information i could get.

  10. Tera has male characters.. That was funny. Not complaining however why all the female only classes just asking.

  11. What is the music at the very beginning of this video??

  12. Vindictus The One True Best Combat System Game shits all over Skyforge Tera BnS.

  13. please keep the fan service lists coming. much appreciation.

  14. i play tera and i've never seen a class that uses fist weapons

  15. The amount of betas and white-knights in this comments section is insane.

  16. I want an MMORPG that is:

    1. Has a Mission system like Skyrim
    2. Fast paste action like Kingdom Hearts 2
    3. Armor Style Selection like DC Universe Online
    4. Character Creation like both Saints Row and Dragon Age: Inquisition
    5. Co-op Gameplay like Guild Wars 2 (Like being able to jump into a mission thats already going on and everyone gets their own loot)

  17. Vindictus. . . over all it is a really fun game but he said it, it's plagued with hackers, I'm supried they didn't steal my credit card information, all the time and effort I put in the game and loads of money too went to waste. Nexon does jack shit to help you, never depend on them. I miss playing it but the hacking is not worth it.

  18. sadly feels like Skyforge devs never have seen any breasts. since the ones ingame stand straight out.

  19. Vindictus with IP blocks for Brazil,
    the Brazil is a fucking country

  20. Ok… so help me out here.. because i cant be bothered to waste my brain space with something that isnt 80% boobs.

    … terra, black desert, blade soul or vindictus… what IS the best fan service mmo? srsly?!

    (you tease!) lol

  21. Let's all agree MOST of the time girls dancing in games are CRINGY

  22. Vindictus <3 <3 I wonder if BnS is in vol 1… haha

  23. natawa ako PH server pa yung Kingdom Under Fire HAHAHAHAHAHA
    try niyo guys taasan yung quality matatawa na lang kayo sa chatbox

  24. Hey Song Name Min 0:000:30 , which it is the same per minute 2:563:10 , and finally the minute 3:293:38. They are not in the video description please help

  25. OMFG GUYS i found it it's called taking over

  26. Wouldnt have watched it if ya didnt like it lol

  27. Yea lost interest in tera when every male class is kinda shit

  28. Vindictus would still be a good game if it had some fucken optimization done. I mean on EU server I cant even download the game using official site. I downloaded the game via torrent and than updated it for ages to new version. Maybe have some optimization for crying out loud.

  29. there should be a sfw option for games like these…can't risk getting fired…dammit

  30. Too bad most of these will never make it to the west. Heavens forbid that we see breasts in a video game and corrupt our poor minds!

    I guess the only way we can have these games is if, and only if, the western version has (unneeded and unwanted) censorship added, like they did Tera. Really, fuck censorship.

  31. Kritika, looks really good, cannot wait for Western release.

  32. which one has more players, best female outfits (mini skirts, pantsu)? Tera, or Black Desert? any other recommendation? I love fanservice! thanks!

  33. Theres a market for this rpg action and in combination with Visual Novels, just leaving it there.

  34. YAS at least I didn't know about Kritika in 2015 or else I would have to wait for so long.

  35. combat system and characters are good in vindictus but the rest is mediocre or even worse. wish it was better so i could play it

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