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10 FREE Games to Play in 2021! (seriously, all free new games)

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10 FREE PC Games to play in 2021! The best free to play games that are worth playing. Watch this for free games to download and play in 2021 on the PC, Xbox One and PS4!
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These are 10 free games that are worth playing in 2021. This list features new free to play games from multiple genres, and includes FPS, platforming, MMO and so on. All these games are completely free and can be downloaded via Steam, Epic Games Store, official website, Playstation Store and so on.

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Free games featured in this video:
Hitman 3: Free Starter Pack

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Magic: Legends


Rocket League Sideswipe

OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns


Pacman 99

Epic Games Free Games

Playstation Plus



  1. Plz send me kr and a free dye if u want to send me i am charizard99

  2. will UCD ever look into False Front. its a fun game just sad it gets no attention. its made by people that used to be a part of the cod sniping community

  3. I love how undercoverdudes actually reads his comments, and respects them. Hats off to you, my man 🙂

  4. When you open comments and don’t know what to say

  5. Another good game I found is called “Goblin gearshop” it’s free on steam and is the same concept as overcooked with a twist

  6. Magic Legend is incredibly p2w so don't play it unless you're a rich kid

  7. G. Dark fantasy ARPG – She Will Punish Them

  8. Hey UCD nothing works on my pc not even minecraft what to do

  9. fun fact i own 2 out of 5 top scores on one million fatal guns

  10. Hey lads and lasses just a reminder to stay hydrated and don't forget to subscribe thus would really help oh wait wrong Chanel 😉

  11. suggestion for the next list: Unturned

    i havent played it yet but it looks good so i think u should give it a go ucd(if u get time)

  12. Great to see only new games, finally worth watching again

  13. You can play the entire hitman 1 GOTY in hitman 3

  14. It’s so sad how he has to put the worst games on his list because he can’t find good ones

  15. "4:12" ”this is the thing u need.” ur mom gae ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

  16. Check out spiral knights, it is an older game F2P but has a lot of content, a neat style and a small fan base. AMAZINGLY made game with an awesome soundtrack to it….. sega help produce the game.

  17. I searched for good free mobile games and this is on the top frist featured on me

  18. Bruh what was the LITERALLT first game he showed?!?!

  19. Can you make a best free to play non violent games vid

  20. idk if you've mentioned it before but The Cycle is the best free game I've played in a long time

  21. PS+ games are not free to play
    you continue paying PS+ or you stop playing
    it´s just there so people who need to pay even actually free to play titles like planet side online don´t feel scamed

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