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10 Free Games With TERRIBLE PAY TO WIN Mechanics

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Many free games have microtransactions and in-game purchases, but certain ones take it WAY too far. Here are some examples.
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  1. But where was gta5 you can spend $100 to get a flying motorcycle with missiles

  2. Curiosity was actually used to promote and pick a god in a god sim where the person who got to the center would be the god of all players and control many aspects of matches, the game flopped

  3. This video was released before diablo immortal😅

  4. War face is not an MMOFPS it’s an arena PVP shooter with co-op team based VVE and co-op based raids there’s not a single MMO situation in this game 16 player 8v8 PVP

  5. I play this game all the fucking time the only problem with it the only real issue with it is it’s always an out of region match and last season there was some serious lag issue going on that seems to be fixed in the new season you do not need to buy anything although I won’t lie I’ve bought credits I buy the season pass every time with new season comes out because you get the best armor and weapons in the game from the season pass and every season well every season up till this one you’re awarded or rewarded a better set of armor and better weapons than the previous season like the last five seasons have been that way I’ve never bought a gun at least not for anything but are in game currency and to be fair the weapons I have now every time I get one of those here’s a free 10 day weapon thing the ones I have now are better than the ones they’re letting me test drive so your information is just fucked

  6. Данил Диванный боец says:

    Warface have microcredits IN GAME

  7. Warface was amazing when it first came out

  8. I saw warface in the thumbnail and I think they ruined that game

  9. I was thinking that war of robots was going to be here because joining you start seeing adds to buy stuff off the bat.

  10. Mr autofire is laughing it's ass off rn. That crap pile of a "game" is the definition of p2w mobile gaming. BS enemy damage, BS enemy health, and rng always seems to screw you over.

  11. warface well there is a team kind of team mode its for team you only kil other guys/ NPC

  12. n1: Team fortress 2 (just check golden pan in the steam marketplace, it has nothing bettet than the stock mele)

  13. I’ve got one
    War Robots
    Takes months to craft anything and takes even longer to upgrade them to max
    Or you buy the best stuff in the game and the recourses to upgrade to max. Worst part is f2p players can end up in matches with these people and can’t even deal substantial damage before getting killed in less than a second

  14. Well,You forgot to mention CODM bcz Activision is trying to get the enough money by making P2W things before Microsoft will take the technical work of Activision after 4 years.🙂💔

  15. I'm not even going to watch your video, I'm just here to ask why do you have the battlefield kolibri on the thumbnail?

  16. I think u have never heard the name war thunder or as we the humans that play it we call it Pain thunder

  17. the second one man ur wrong it was exactly what he said it was its really interesting

  18. I mean…
    A great video idea…
    But a bad way to do it…
    I don't really think anybody cares about theese no-name games. I think the better way to do this, is for example COD making new weapons op, so people buy them, then nerf them into the ground. Or WoT, where you can't do anything, without premium account and gold ammo. Or, LITERALLY ANY EA GAME. You get the idea.

  19. Modern Combat 5 at first (I luckily was able to get the free version of it) was fun for me until the crap ton of updates and other specialists came

  20. What's worse is that Mc 5 blackout added ads after doing literally everything

  21. I think destiny 2 is the worst in this question. It's a super fun game but you need to pay for everything if you want to have the full experience

  22. This video would've found more material if it was made in 2022😆

  23. Only the true old people will remember when you could buy tokens using real money instead of earning CR in Forza Horizon 1,2, and 3. Thankfully the devs removed that in 4 and 5

  24. Spent like 800$ on modern vombat when i was 13-15

  25. Warface is just the best way to explain this lmao
    I have been playing it for so long and i have used alot of money on it
    But yes holy fuck it is so p2w and thats mostly why i stopped

  26. Modern combat 5 is such a nostalgic mobile game for me
    I remember always playing it with my friend so many years ago
    Good times

  27. Here number 1-10
    1 diablo immortal
    2 roblox
    3 roblox
    4 roblox
    5 roblox
    6 roblox
    7 roblox
    8 roblox
    9 roblox
    10 roblox

  28. APB reloaded is like GTA but free and more shitty (and I hate GTA). I used to play APB when I couldn't afford GTA, but then I got GTA and it was boring.

  29. Modern combat had a good headstart
    But they ruined the multi-player tenfold

  30. I'm surprised that Pixonics…"game" war robots wasn't on the list. It was a really great game from the beginning but now the game is absolutely loaded with transactions and if you want to progress in the game at all you really have to pay for something otherwise you will have to grind for months just to slightly progress.

  31. You think star trek timelines is bad? Look at Star Trek Fleet Command… a game with players who have spent more than a million dollars in game… almost every pack you can buy is aimed to give you an advantage and progress and keeps widening the gap between f2p and p2p players. I wish you could just make a video on the ridiculous p2w aspect of star trek fleet command.

  32. So I discovered Modern Combat 5 blackout and honestly it felt pretty solid for a mobile game especially in 2018 but once you got to a certain level they pull the rug out from underneath you and it's definitely pay to win, eventually had to give it up because you literally can't compete with these people and auto locking weapons

  33. "now to our sponsors War Thunder and World of Tanks. The best military games out there"!

  34. 2:29 imagine when you completed the whole thing but there is a next level 💀

  35. I think the part I hate most with p2w is that people think that buying the best items makes you good. It doesn't you can't buy skill you have to earn that and while you work on that you can also unlock the best items too

  36. Modern combat 5 was always free? At least when i played it years ago didnt know they changed that. Game was fun back then idk about now but i did spend money on it mainly bc i liked the game

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