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10 Games & Activities for Higher Level Students in Online Zoom Classes – Videos For Teachers

Easy ESL Games
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Here are 10 games that work in higher-level English ESL classes that are online or on Zoom.

These can be used with adults or intermediate or higher level kids but are mostly too advanced for low-level students.

If you have any more games that could work well online, please leave a comment so we can all use it in our classes.

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  1. Thanx a mill! I have recently hit a major lesson rut. Imagination died out. This was a great help)))

  2. It's helpful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. thanks for this superb idea!!!…will follow your channel 😉

  4. thanks for these great ideas!!! really appreciate them, watching this video from Milan, Italy. CIAO!

  5. Spot the difference, telling jokes or that game when you have twenty questions to guess someone's or something's identity are also good to get people talking.

  6. …or describing the recipe of your favourite food.

  7. Lately I've been watching lots of videos like yours. Mate, you have the best energy out there. Thank you

  8. I love these ideas. I teach older adults and have found it so difficult now that everything is online. They are really not used to screens!
    One thing I tried that everyone loved SO much was each student had to demonstrate something. There was such a variety…how to wrap a gift, how to do a home workout, how to repot plants, how to decorate for Christmas. Not only did my students have to use sequence language and find the vocabulary for their particular demonstration, but it was so interesting and kept everyone's attention.
    And one other idea: have everyone send a picture of a special place/person to the teacher (I made a powerpoint and shared my screen so everyone could see). And they had to explain why that place or person was special while the class looked at the picture.
    Both of these activities take advance preparation. Not great to do on the spot!

  9. Really nice tips. All feasible and suitable for remote classes.

  10. I didnt really understand the why game. Because at first it seems that if the student is asking Why it is you getting the practice but then you said make them ask full questions. Why did you go to the shop. Here they are getting the practice. Would you mind clarifying this for me? Thanks. Super useful video. I've taken notes.

  11. I had an idea. Some of these activities can be combined to make them even more fun or tricky. That's all I'm going to say… haha

  12. ,Oh my god, you just saved my ass. I´ve got class online tomorrow morning and despite having 25+ years of ESL experience I´m new to Zoom classes. I was NOT happy with my class today so it is a great relief to see that somebody is sharing their hard-earned wisdom. I am sure that my class will be better tomorrow. Cheers.

  13. how to play the y game or show video and ask what happened next in a group where the whole group can paritcipate…

  14. This is brilliant!!! So simple yet so effective and fun. I can't thank you enough! I've been looking for ages for such easy and interactive activities for teenagers that can be explained in a second and understood just as quickly. Fantastic games to change activities during class and have everyone smiling!

  15. Thank you for the amazing and helpful video

  16. Absolutely fab advice. Brief, to the point, no superfluous mumbo-jumbo. Love it!

  17. I appreciate the ideas, and fast paced delivery!

  18. 1. Talk about a topic
    2. Correct My Life
    3. 2 Truths and 1 Lie
    4. Describe a Picture and Let them Draw
    5. Fortunately, Unfortunately
    6. Watermelon (Describe)
    7. Ask the Expert
    8. What Happens Next?
    9. Keep Asking Why
    10. Explain how to do something

  19. loved your casual style, and really interesting and funny activities. better than many other videos on this topic.

  20. This video deserves millions of views

  21. thx! my students love to correct my mistakes: (neighbouring) countries on a map, missing arithmetic operations (2,3,5=1) e.a. simple & relaxing for them 🙂

  22. Thank you… I like the way you explained.. I love all of the games


  24. How do I like this video 10 times? Absolutely loved it!!!! Thanks a ton..

  25. This was the best speaking activities that I have ever come across

  26. Thanks a lot, nice recommendations!

    here's a quick summary:

    1. Talk about a random topic for 30 seconds (your favorite food, superman, your holidays)
    2. Correct my facts (pigs, can fly) ss must correct the fact so its true (no, pigs can't fly)
    3. 2 Truths and 1 lie/ss investigate which one is false by asking questions
    4. Describe a picture, ss have to draw it
    5. Fortunately, unfortunately/EX: i went to the shop, unfortunately it rained. Fortunately, i had an umbrella
    6. Describe an object without saying the name (replace it with watermelon)
    7. Ask the expert ( selected student has to answer all the questions)
    8. What happens next? (select a video, pause it and ask ss what is going to happen)
    9. Keep asking why
    10. Explain how to do something /how to make a cup of coffee

  27. Thanks for your time and expertise. I´ll try "correct my lines", "fortunately and unfortunately", "the expert", and "what happened next?" the soonest!

  28. Glad to find this video! Thanks for sharing, the activities seem fun and easy to do! 😁

  29. Thank you…i'll try the second game tomorrow. 😍

  30. Thanks a lot for your inspiring ideas!!!

  31. Thank you!! I think I like the watermelon and the why why why ? HAHAHA

  32. I used the drawing game for a private tutoring session with an 8 year old and it went so well! Great game for demonstrative pronouns and adjective building. Thanks!

  33. I find this video much useful . Thanks for sharing.Now I am in
    Class room learning and need new activities to cheer my students.🙏

  34. It was so refreshing that you just got right into the informatin without a lot of introductory blah blah. Great video, thanks.

  35. Good thing I liked about you is you dint insist on subscribing your channel.
    You said if you like 👍

  36. I teach adults, and I was out of ideas! When teaching adults from all over the world, the differences in culture can be minimal or drastic! You just put the pep back in my step. And I will choose "no gestures". Thank you so much for these great addition. You rock and roll!

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