10 Surprising Free to Play Online Games Cancelations & The Reasons Behind It Vol. 1 - thexpgamer.com

10 Surprising Free to Play Online Games Cancelations & The Reasons Behind It Vol. 1

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10 Surprising Free to Play Online Games Cancelations in and the Reasons Behind It Vol. 1:











10 Surprising Free to Play Online Games Cancelations in and the Reasons Behind It Vol. 1

We’re constantly bombarded with new games, announcements of the next big thing by the studio that developed the acclaimed ‘crappy grind revenge’ and the classic ‘super paywall saga’. While it’s fairly easy to see which games may have enough quality to warrant a decent playerbase, sometimes we’re surprised by unexpected cancelations. Some games don’t get enough time to see its potential realized, while others didn’t turn out as appealing as one initially expected. Either way, a shutdown usually means that millions go to waste, jobs are lost and some players are disappointed because they were really enjoying the game. In no particular order, let’s take a look at some cancelations and what led to that.


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  1. I miss Rise of Incarnate I had time and money in it and would of put more money in it if it wouldn't of left.

  2. SERIOUSLY RISE OF INCARNITES Shut down i was excited to play it what the fuck

  3. Scarlet Blade had so much potential but the developers failed , the size of the game says all … just 7,91 GB
    Most of the people who have never played the game think it's and about erotic , but that's wrong it's about rough pvp .
    I have play the game over a year and my impression are the pve content was not enough , the story was … a story ? , the pvp was often unfair some player are totally overpowered (stronger than bosses) , the sexual content was like you go to the zoo to see elephants , lions and giraffes but all you see are just sheep , goats and ducks .
    The game was about beautiful women , but why was the character editor so simple ?
    The pvp was almost mech vs mech ….. the mechs are the only thing that I will not miss .

  4. Invested in founders for both Dawngate and Infinite Crisis – Dawngate being the most enjoyable MoBA during it's time (overshadowing my like for LoL). #RIPDawngate

  5. really loved playing dawngate and rise of incarnates… shame

  6. IMO Scarlet Blade could have been a good 2013 Sci-Fi mmo beside the obvious main draw. If you look around there is little or none Sci-Fi themed mmorpg laying around which made the genre very rare in mmo land. SB are no match for today's 2016 gfx wise so it no match for game like Blade and Soul jelloness : ), it's sadden me to see it goes down. If they got rid of the 2 sides war and focus on open world PvE instead of pvp Scarlet Blade 2 will do well. Last note where are the Sci-Fi mmorpg in 2016?

  7. Dead island epidemic was really the best ZOMBA! idk why they canceled it, they could just release it..no need for other development ATM for game but nah nah nah game Devs go like let's Shutdown really they should have given it more Time!

  8. Dawngate could have been serious competition for lol and dota2, shame it never got a chanse.

  9. don't know if it is  going down but Tera online just started a cheaper sub, from 14.99 to 10.99 per month, but you have to sub within the next two weeks .  I played it a lot as F2P and decided to sub a week ago, luckily the new structure is for all. maybe they are trying to get the "cheaper" players, going quantity of subs vs quality (cash)

  10. Very nice review as always. Transformers mmo looks kinda fun with transforming aspects and stuff tho. Maybe needed a bit more polishing. Looking forward to Vol.2!

  11. i miss dead island epidemic it had so much potential (daily player)

  12. if gear box were smart they would pick up the rights and all of the work put into borderlands online and finish it i mean come on a game were you get to make your own vault hunter is a dream come true not to mention there are way to many vaults for them to have spent time making game ideas for maybe if they do this they could focus on the ones not near pandora.

  13. scarlet blade and rising incarnate were the ones i played and might miss.
    Scarlet blade was just mindless fun while rising incarnate was just fun to play and try to get better when it actually played smooth for me. Shame both got shut down, with a bit more work and luck, they might have been keepers to stay.

  14. I thought Scarlet Blade wasn't bad at all, I really wish it didn't get shut down 🙁

  15. Didn't know a lot of these games where cancelled :C I had some good memories. You guys forgot Soldier Front 2!!! I spend so many hours on Soldier Front 2. So many good memories..

  16. that star on dawngate, i think at least 3 or 4 star cause many people miss it i guest

  17. SB was indee fun! but was in the sucky Aeria games! =/

  18. your are right about transformers universe. it was a ok game to play but it really didn't what it wanted to be. i went in thinking it was a mmorpg, but it really wasn't. there wasn't much of a story and you had the usual modes like deathmatch and capture the flag.
    i think it might have been a better game if they would have just figured out what they were gonna do from the start

  19. why rise of incarnate shut down when i know about it? What a shame its one of it kind. 🙁

  20. What about EQ Next? That was very disappointing.

  21. i dident even know dead island epidemic got shut down ;(

  22. Fantasy Earth Zero.  Sure it only had those massive PvP battles but man those were immensely fun for me.  Easily the game I miss most out of every canceled MMO ive ever played.

  23. Rise of Incarnates was such a huge loss. 🙁 Myself and a few others really miss it. If Bandai would have put more time into the development it could have been amazing (still was amazing imo).

  24. R.I.P Scarlet Blades I'll admit boobs did get me interested but that quickly came an afterthought it was so fun to play even the PvP which I hate doing in MMO's was fun sadly it's the nature of f2p games to come and go R.I.P.

  25. Scarlet Blade. I quickly forget that actually happened.

  26. I loved playing Transformers every day. If only it had more time it could have been much more solid game to play. Though u end up repeating most of the same zones and mission on the open world, it was still fun. Too bad it had to go. I keep a wallpaper of Optimus Prime on my PC as a memory of it.

  27. Fighters Club Online even tho it never came out to america could have probably been successful

  28. I liked the Dead island game sad it's gone now 🙁


  30. I miss Dawngate it was really good game. But he art man the art character design it was on next level 🙂

  31. Infinite Crisis and Dawn Gate were so much funnn!

    -I miss Mecha Wonderwoman and Mina :c

  32. Watching this 2 months late but whatever, I think people need to stop making moba games period because none will be able to compete with LoL Dota or Smite like they hope. Battleborn is good and fun and I'm a huge fan of borderlands but just like borderlands theres 0 replay ability outside of the grind, and overwatch will be follow in its foot steps once the hype dies.

  33. Main reason Rise of Incarnates failed to click with PC players was a DirectX error half of players encountered during startup.  Obviously enough to dissuade most from fixing and playing the game.  A shame.  Loved my brief time with it. 🙁

  34. The DC Moba, Dawngate, and Rise of the incarnates where my favorite among these and to be honest only ones I ever hear about on this list and was saddened to hear they got shut down.

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