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11 Best FREE Xbox Games in 2022

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Some of the best things in life are indeed free, and it turns out that’s true for games too, as you’ll see as you behold the treasures of this video. Yes, it’s the very best free games available to you on Xbox, with such massive titles as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Dauntless and Apex Legends. It’s never felt so good to spend nothing!

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  1. How are games free when you still pay a monthly subscription!?

  2. This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians- says:

    This is already very obvious to console gamers. I can't see how people on these platforms will not already be aware of this.

  3. I’m not able to play Bless Unleashed in Ukraine – nice Trolling @Xbox On

  4. I mite try COD as I’ve never played one before, keep up the great work 👍🏻

  5. this video was pointless nothing new nothings changed they released a video like three new free games released or something

  6. got some decent games on their, but wheres destiny or warframe when both of those easily out beat vigor and splitgate with their player counts

  7. Warzone last month was playable only with Gold or Gamepass subscription. Shityvision will finally do their job hopefully and stops messing up Warzone.

  8. I’m surprised Destiny 2 isn’t on this list! Yet another premium game that went free to play! If you love online loot shooters definitely check it out!

  9. Why does every F2P game need to be multiplayer? As a casual xbox gamer it would be nice to have a decent single player game that's free and isn't swamped with sweats and try hards…

  10. Blessed and Vigor are really good. Great video as usual.

  11. They could’ve left Titanfall 2 off the list cause it”s not even free and they could’ve put Enlisted in that spot, cause I that is a really good free-to-play game.

  12. Honestly splitgate is one of my favorite fps games. Its kind to new players, has a ton of fun game modes, and is overall an awesome shooter. Tbh I like it more than cod

  13. Someone forgot number one from the list: Fishing Planet. But I understand, mistakes happen.

  14. Xbox is great even if you just go FTP, XSS is great value, but you can also get game pass and play day 1 games. Great combo value XSS + ftp+ game pass alternating it when you want.

  15. Shame about the cheats in warzone and halo. Get it sorted!!

  16. Did you know Crackdown 1 and 2 are still free on the Xbox store, along with all DLC?

  17. Great Video, but Warzone now looks completely different with the new pacific map

  18. bruh my microsoft account is blocked and locked and i didnt do A THING to go against their terms of service ;-;

  19. 1:23 sooo hackers, campers, melee sweats and sniper spammers I mean I love the game but still



  22. Halo Infinite is thrash on Xbox Series S, graphics are so blurry and fuzzy that you cant neglect it and play normaly. Feels like it runs on 480p sometimes. Instant delete for me.

  23. This was really helpful thanks I'm subscribing to you channel 😁👌

  24. Dude apex is the worst game I’ve ever played😂😂😂

  25. There's an free stoy mode wars games but free in xbox ??

  26. Cool video
    but also there is Asphalt mobile game on xbox series in 2022 that it is free

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