11 HUGE New OPEN WORLD Games 2022 - 1 is FREE! Upcoming Open World PS4/PS5 Games in the Rest of 2022 - thexpgamer.com

11 HUGE New OPEN WORLD Games 2022 – 1 is FREE! Upcoming Open World PS4/PS5 Games in the Rest of 2022

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Awesome NEW Open World PlayStation Games Releasing in 2022

Intro 0:00

Way of the Hunter – August 16 0:34

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – August 31 1:26

Saints Row – August 23 2:18

Gotham Knights – October 25 3:07

Star Ocean: The Divine Force – October 27 4:10

Skull and Bones – November 8 5:25

Sonic Frontiers – 2022 6:53

Hogwarts Legacy – Holiday 2022 8:00

No More Heroes III – October 11 9:14

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – 2022 10:13

Little Devil Inside – 2022 11:10

Outro 11:56

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  1. Thank you for all the great videos you put out for us.

  2. Saints row reboot is slowly gaining me back ngl and as for phantasy star online 2 I'm definitely playing that when it comes out on ps4

  3. Thanks for always keeping us informed with upcoming games and good deals in the store

  4. That reboot looks trash definitely doa game only as 25 main missions
    Wait for game pass

  5. if anyone is playing Edge of Eternity, a fantastic tactical turn-base battle JRPG, just get the game on PS5, because the PS4 version has tons of bugs and the game crash a lot.

  6. I want a new open world survival game with pvp

  7. Avatar will be available on the new generation of consoles, PC and Stadia! Cloud gaming is definitely capable of next generation content and Avatar will hopefully be worth the wait.

  8. I’ve been watching your gameplay updates for a while now and I gotta say you’ve always kept up for us we appreciate you man

  9. So I’m down for Phantasy Star, but I gotta ask: do we need to know about the 1st to enjoy the story?

  10. Saints row reboot will be free to play on PlayStation plus extra!!

  11. I’m super happy excited PlayStation plus extra will give us saints row reboot.

  12. I mostly game on pc on side of console so thinking in future to try figure out way get gaming rig as i really enjoy gaming both ends

  13. I love when I get the notification you’ve posted a video. Gets me hyped. I STILL find myself beatboxing the background music randomly at work or shopping or anywhere really. Keep making these videos and keeping me broke man. ❤️🔥❤️

  14. This is a semi-open world game, but why no mention of Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed? I think it deserved a spot on this list bc each location is huge to explore.

  15. Definitely would rather play Saints Row over Skull and Bones any day, or any other game on this list really, but other than that, a pretty nice selection, definitely looking forward to Little Devil inside and Hogwarts Legacy.

  16. Eventhough im on Xbox because Sony hit us with a surprise mechanic launch still appreciate yall 🤙🏾💯

  17. Gotham Knights is my least anticipated game of October. Should have been delayed until October 2023 imo. I doubt that would do anything to make it better though.

  18. Thanks for all the info you provide with your videos!
    I think Phantasy Star 2 NG doesnt do sooooo well the last months (the amount of players who play the game has drop significantly) but i will give it a try when it launch to playstation because i want more mmos/mmorpgs on consoles! For all the other games in this list im HYPED (except Way of the hunter and Skull n bones…..). Really curious for the gameplay of the Avatar game also!

  19. Sonic Unleashed was awesome, hopefully Frontiers delivers.

  20. It not come out 2023 they say it still on track to being out in 2022

  21. Was Atomic Heart pushed back to 2023, because that would make sense….. because of the actual war going on

  22. Star Ocean, Hogwarts and Gotham Knights most excited for =)

  23. Thank you for including the time stamps!! You’re the best 🤩

  24. Just hope that PSO2 will be available in netherlands, considering we have a law against lootbox games if they don't list items included and possibly drop chances

  25. You can sniper shot anybody in the head and that hunting game so no thanks

  26. What the fuck do you mean by unique dude anybody could create exactly the same character as you do that unique you just came to create your character much like any other game although some games have more adjustable features than others but you still can’t I’m sure yours will be unique that and less you’re uploading your own picture or some shit

  27. Forest PSO two goes I have mixed feelings about that it may do better on Consol Bennett has on PC course you know I’m crazy it’s doing abysmally it’s a brand new game only been out for a short time and the max concurrent players can’t ever was only 59,000 and the highest in the last 24 hours was only 3600 and staying so it’s doing Chevy for a brand new game which kind of goes along with the fact that it launched without you and I’ll sufficient contact to get people happy and Ed all kinds of problems and I don’t think that it’s been entirely fixed or at least it hasn’t manage to recover than trust of those players that bail Barnett when it launched so like I said mixed feelings sense PS4 and the Xbox kind of whack titles like this or a lot of them who knows till cartoony for me though most likely

  28. What the fuck does that even mean cyberpunk 2077 failed because it was her and probably because it was a shit game for bugs tell me a shit to do with what it was running on it was just foggy as fuck problems all throughout and by the way you know when they when you download that software it’s Janet rent games it’s not the same game on the PS4 and the PS five and the fact that it’s only coming out on PS five means failure because the number of people that have PS fives are still minuscule anybody right now I need development company putting out a PS five on the game is going to be just expecting it not to perform very well because nobody has PS fives the biggest majority of players are still on a PS4

  29. Why would anybody buy anything developed by and published by Ubisoft they’re right up there on the top like three worst publishers and developers in the goddamn country I’m in the world rather grade crappy game development I would love spending time on that game you’re going to regret it

  30. I'm late to this but man bro I really, REALLY appreciate you giving us the latest news in the gaming world. I love this channel will continue to support you brotha❤

  31. What game was free? I watched the whole video but must have missed it

  32. Can you do a vid of some new 3rd person shooter pvp/pve nothing like fagnite

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