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19 Best FREE Zombie Games of ALL TIME (on Steam)

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List of 19 Best FREE Zombie Games of ALL TIME Steam:
00:00 Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
00:30 Transmissions: Element 120
01:00 Sven Co-op
01:30 Unturned
02:00 No More Room in Hell
02:30 CS2D
03:00 Zombie Panic! Source
03:30 Codename CURE
04:00 SAS: Zombie Assault 4
04:30 Deceit
05:00 SCRAM
05:30 Dead Maze
06:00 Dead Frontier 2
06:30 BrainBread 2
07:00 Wasteland Survival
07:30 Z1 Battle Royale
08:00 Survarium
08:30 nfestation: The New Z
09:00 Stay Out



  1. i dont find scarm anymore on steam… i loved this game

  2. I like how the video isn't super popular but the guy has 1.5 million subscribers 😂

  3. when did Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop become a zombie game

  4. you pointed out the worst games to play lol

  5. best free "ZOMBIE" games of all time, number 1… "ALIEN" swarm, a game with no zombies.
    Later on Deceit… another game with no zombies.
    Would you look at that… Survarium… ANOTHER zombie less game.
    Pretty sure counter strike 2D doesn't have zombies either. But I haven't played or known of that one, so I don't know if there is a zombie mode to it.
    Z1 Battle Royal is just terrible and started from a zombie game, but zombies ain't a thing in it. It's just people shooting each others in a game that could have possibly been something and turned into your stereotypical shitty battle royal because they wanted to ride on the BR train.
    Stay out technically doesn't have zombies… mutants definitely, but not your classic or more modern zombies. It is not a zombie game either… it's a bad MMO S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like.

  6. I mean. Did you seriously just pick the first games you came across just to throw a vid on your channel? These are some of the worst games you could find. One of these games was made by a 16 yr old that was sued for using unpaid assets from another game. And they are both crap. Wasteland Survival….really. That game was abandoned a week after it came out. No lie, look it up. Wow what a lazy channel. You're taking the same games and putting them in multiple vids.

  7. CS:2D, as a person who played it, has no zombies.
    I played stay out, no zombies. Alien Swarm has aliens, not zombies. A few of those games mentioned are garry's mod.
    Overall, this video kinda sucks. Sorry but no zombies, shouldnt be on zombie list..

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