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20 BEST Completely FREE Nintendo Switch Games 2022!

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All of these games are completely free – we go over the best and also a couple you might want to avoid! #nintendoswitch #free #2022

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  1. Fall Guys does look fun. people on Twitch playing that game all the time now i see.

  2. spellbreak is good but the game is basically dead, I’ve waited more than 40 minutes to get into a match before

  3. What about roller champions that game is so fun

  4. What is the first game that was in the intro I have a switch and wanna play it

  5. Check out super Kirby clash super fune multiplayer game online or maybe even with a friend it's super fun

  6. Wow what an amazing list. Asphalt 9, Warframe (my number one), Apex Legends, and Fall Guys are some of my favorite games. I have Dauntless downloaded but haven't played it yet – but if it's anything like Monster Hunter (which is another favorite of mine) then I'm gonna have to give it a try.

    I cannot stress enough how amazing Warframe is. If you own a Switch and you're not playing it, you are missing out. It's FREE! Even any of the stuff that you can pay for in their Marketplace can be earned for free just by playing the game.

  7. My problem with Warframe was the controls when it came to the mastery tests for leveling up.

  8. I'm sorry, but Ninjala on avoid? I will have to disagree with that heavily. Ninjala is actually one of my surprise hits on the Switch, the combat is deeper than it seems at first, good aesthetics, healthy content updates, a healthy player base, and loads and loads of great crossover events.

    And again, the combat is something that, if you give it an actual try, and stop and think and learn it, is extremely satisfying. I would say give it a second try, it really doesn't deserve to be alongside Pokemon Quest.

  9. Pokémon quest is a great game 👍 at least i think its good

  10. I would agree with you with All the suggestions thank you. 😊

  11. Rogue Company started so well, but some choices form the devs just kinda ruined the game at this point, many people is complaining about it, so I keep some hopes in the game… But not much

  12. I definitely recommend Sky children of the light

  13. everything can be unlocked through play.

  14. You Didn’t Mention Disney Dreamlight Valley Which Is Coming Out In 2023 Free To Play You Only Mentioned Fall Guys

  15. Pokémon quest is really great game for people who likes grinding, or just want to relax, many people dont like it because of that grindness so that game is for certain group of people

  16. I had a blast with knockout city, but the game is in dying state. Probably the reason they went f2p

  17. You made a typo in your chapters it's fall guys ultimate knockout not four guys ultimate knockout . . . Still great video 😊

  18. Vigor isnt just a loot and shooter btw in fact i play it and it is very fun and honestly kinda addicting.

  19. Did this game need nintendo switch online bundle ?

  20. Guardian Tales rose to my number 1 spot after the release. You need to play it 😍

  21. just looking at the thumbnail has me excited, but sadly Teshin had died, but still, Warframe is an amazing game

  22. fortnite has a relatively new no build br mode (solo/duo/squad)

  23. Chocobo’s GP free to play description is now BS btw, I downloaded it to give it a try and it now only lets you play the tutorial and then you’re forced to pay if you want to play more. It’s more just a demo now.

  24. So "free to download the game" but does it need Internet connection to play the game?

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