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20 BEST Completely FREE Nintendo Switch Games 2022!

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All of these games are completely free – we go over the best and also a couple you might want to avoid! #nintendoswitch #free #2022

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  1. Sky children of the light looks a lot like apex legends hmmmm. Hahaha I’m sure y’all already know the mistake lol. Keep making great vids mates

  2. I love how Fortnite really gave the option for Zero Build mode, permanently. It's what hooked me and my pals. Would like to add that.

  3. fortnite more like fortshite! know what im saying?

  4. Yo, heads up… You're talking about 'Sky Children Of The Light' but it's actually 'Apex Legends' on the screen! 4:10

  5. RPG Maker MV Player seems really interesting. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  6. Not sure if im tripping but when you talk about sky chilcdren of the light all i see is apex legends

  7. Dauntless set in Ramsgate, less famous cousin of Margate.

  8. Was is just me or was the audio for Sky:Children of Light accompanied by visuals for Apex?

  9. I’m so thankful you play all these games and tell me about them so I don’t have to! You guys have saved me so much time and money

  10. Skychildren of the light has apex footage passing lol

  11. Dauntkess, Knockout City are pretty fun imo. Genshin Impact needs to hurry and come to switch. Did they ever make Apex any better? It was trash on switch when I tried. Lol I also liked Spellbreak when came out but got really bored. Ninjala was alright

  12. Elder Scrolls Blades and Chocobo GP were some of biggest disappointments lol 😭

  13. My Desert Island game would be Metroid Fusion. I play it annually and would just continue that tradition whilst Y’know juggling island survival life.

  14. Asphalt 9 has an absurd paywall. Free to play and fun for 10 hours BUT out of nowhere, you simply won't win a single race. Doesn't matter how far ahead you are, the AI will rubberband you into oblivion. Just shell out the $10 and get Burnout or Hot Pursuit on sale.

  15. Why oh why don't more games have free demos? Especially games which are digital only it just makes sense so that people can make an informed decision about which games to drop their hard earned on.

  16. Ninjala doesn't even play here in South Africa. Something to do with us not being able to play globally.
    Spellbreak is great. Map is garbage though. Wait times for matches are stupid long as well. So it's a half and half. Def gonna check paladins now though. Thanks for the vid.

  17. The clip show APEX when you are talking about " Sky: Children of the Light"… The game deserves a clip correction :-). Alphalt 9 down is the "random loot box principle". Fortnite has now several "no-build modes"

  18. im confused knockout city is already out on switch and free to play

  19. I have played vigor on ps4 and never on switch (yet), but I totally recommend it if you prefer a more realistic, and more hardcore battle Royale than Fortnite and Apex.

  20. Asohalt 9 is free to play but definitelly nowehre near good game! Rubber banding ´, requires always online (it is not possible to play it without internet even if you just do "career" mode). And no – it is not fair to compare it to the likes like Apex Legends or Warframe etc. These fames were created with multiplayer in mind, in Asphalt there always online is just wrong- I would play N4SPD over Aspahlt.

  21. im not one to really care about graphics but some of these games look amazing for the tech its running on

  22. I really love the different types of free games on all the systems. Not everyone can afford games. So having a lot of good free games to choose from is awesome.

  23. Haven’t delved into these really so thanks- you’re efforts always impress and showcase different games for me to peep

  24. I still need to play Fallout Shelter but i can definitely recommend Tetris 99 which is just so amazing.

    Also i really liked playing Ninjala and you should try it out if you're a fan of something like Splatoon

  25. At this point, just replace Apex with the mobile version…

  26. I understand you may not like Fortnite, I’m not a big fan of it either (and even more I dislike Epic). But I must admit it’s a VERY high quality product with advanced game client, constant updates, events, quests, ton of content, including user generated, and to put it together with stuff like Realm Royale with none of that and no players is just not professional at least.

  27. Wish e football would come onto switch I want an option other than the constantly released FIFA 19, any chance of a FIFA alternative list ? Or directions to a channel that has 1 !

  28. Fall Guys is probably the only free game that im interested in, i want to recommend Warframe but the grind on that game is just too much that it got me bored after i het my first Prime Warframe, also the playerbase on the Switch is quite non-existent to be honest with you. Maybe if DE enables cross-play it might stand a chance.

  29. Cant believe you didnt mention yugioh master duel

  30. I started Warframe based on another of your videos ( best looking games) and it’s great. It’s not a time sink, it is time black hole.

    You rock. Never been disappointed by your advice.

  31. Idk know about dauntless it kinda sucks now just buy monster hunter

  32. SMITE has been in my switch since day one really good game , it’s the only free game I’ve spent so much money on I think everyone should give it a shot

  33. C'mon Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC) really flows off the tongue 😂😜

  34. I have over 2000 hours on Paladins, lol.

  35. Why use non Switch footage from 2020 for dauntless?

  36. Seems like most of these are FPS. I tried Fortnite once. Died instantly. Someone who knows the game can easily pick off people who are learning the controls. The experience put me off forever. Probably for all FPS games. Maybe there are some FPS games in which you can explore for a while before you meet death. I think I'd like something where it's easy to survive and go about your business unnoticed. Then as you grow into the game you become more and more of a viable target. Imagine something in which you have to be discerning about who you attack. Maybe you get punished for killing less experienced players, like your bounty price (the target on your head) increases if you pursue an evil career path.

  37. Im having trouble with warface when I downloaded it , it was around 6 fps how do I fix it?

  38. apex mobile should be on the switch not this version, frames and graphics are ass

  39. Pokemon Unite is some brainless fun, haven't seen it here though

  40. I do not own a nintendo switch but may i ask something? When we say free games in nintendo switch, does that mean you can play games like apex legends multiplayer without a subscription similar to xbox live? Any clarifications? Thanks

  41. Hell yeah, Warframe is awesome. What's amazing about it is that all the relevant stuff can be farmed in-game. You don't really need to buy anything, unless you're itching for that cool new skin or animation. Except for slots I guess. They give away slots every now and then (particularly with the Nightwave challenges). But you'll find yourself running out of slots for your frames and gear, so you might be forced to spend real money. But as for the pay to win stuff… virtually non existent AFAIK, as long as you're willing to put time into it.

    Anyway, I'd add World of Tanks Blitz there. It's a team shooter, but with tanks. And it's just unlike any shooter I've played. It's slow and clunky but very methodical and tactical, with weird strategies like armor angling and hull down positioning. Also, team play is extra important since you can't just run across the map to help your outnumbered mates when you split up. It can get frustrating admittedly, especially at the higher levels when you're fighting against the pros and you're struggling to upgrade your tank. But it's still pretty fun and unique.

  42. Bro it's okay dude ur British "behemoth" I would not expect anything more!!!

  43. @switchup Fortnite has a no build mode now.

  44. This man and Beatemups inspired me to get the Nintendo switch and 11 free games lol

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