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21 Best FREE Real Time Strategy Games

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00:00 StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty
00:25 Vega Conflict
00:50 Zero K
01:16 Empires Apart
01:41 MegaGlest
02:06 Offworld Trading Company
02:32 Warzone 2100
02:57 OpenRA
03:22 Wyrmsun
03:48 King of the World
04:13 War Selection
04:38 The Fertile Crescent
05:09 Feudal Wars
05:40 Crusader Kings 2
06:14 Widelands
06:48 Bos Wars
07:13 WarZone Flashpoint
07:55 Starcraft Brood War
08:41 Gigalomania
09:06 Gates of a Ruined Empire
09:32 0 A.D.



  1. Lets be honest… Nothing is even near the level of StarCraft 2, its the rts king and noone can pass it… Actually my hopes are all on STORMGATE. Starcraft is very hard to approach for new players, and even for who played it there's no point to come back on it since its not getting new content.

  2. Gigalomania – great casual game of all time

  3. Where are them to download?

  4. Exactly what I was searching for Thank you so much
    Big Fan from Pakistan 😍 🇵🇰

  5. wait, since when is Offworld Trading Company free?

  6. You forgot Battle for middle earth 2 ,you can get it for free from revora.net,Best rts i've ever played.

  7. 0AD is awesome, and completely moddable. No idea why more people don't play it.

  8. Offworld Trading Company is not free , its even 82 euro for the ultimate edition and almost 17 euro for the normal version

  9. B.A.R. (Beyond all Reason) deserves a place on this list! It's a game based on Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander and is (just like 0AD) completely open source!

  10. mr science man guy from happy factory ye says:

    Vega conflict is basically just clash of clans but with a different battle system

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