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23 Best Free PC Games to Play in 2022

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Gaming isn’t a cheap hobby unless you’re prepared to get dirty while scratching at the bottom of a bargain bin. Fortunately there are plenty of games that’ll appeal to anyone who has to juggle a tight budget. The current landscape of video games is overflowing with free-to-play titles from Fortnight to Apex Legends to Overwatch 2, so here’s our list of the best free PC Games to play in 2022.


0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Apex Legends
1:15 – Call of Duty: Warzone 2
2:01 – Multiversus
2:50 – Marvel Snap
3:35 – Overwatch 2
4:18 – Bleakshore
5:00 – Counter-Strike: Global Operations
5:33 – Dauntless
6:03 – Destiny 2
6:50 – Dota 2
7:22 – Fortnite
8:00 – Genshin Impact
8:38 – Guild Wars 2
9:11 – GWENT
10:00 – Hearthstone
10:30 – League of Legends
11:09 – Path of Exile
11:35 – Planetside 2
12:08 – Smite
12:33 – Team Fortress 2
13:07 – Rocket League
13:39 – Valorant
14:05 – Warframe
14:44 – Outro


  1. this man voice is not normal. something weird about it

  2. dont play league of legends the devs trying everything to keep u at lower elos

  3. Even though Overwatch 2 is free but still many player's can't play because of it's no prepaid user's policy

  4. Putting Fortnite Geralt in the thumbnail has to be the cheapest attempt at clickbait I've ever seen

    Also: 01:05 LOL

  5. Tower of fanasy, Divine Knockout, Gundam Evolution, Multiversus and Paragon are my top 5 free pc games of year 2022. 😆

  6. in a different universe, halo would be in this list. Also idk if removing a lot of titanfalls core mechanics in apex is exactly an evolution of what its predecessors did

  7. brawlhalla is better than multiversus, at least in the sense that it has better functionality and content, gameplay would depend on preferences

  8. bro said marvel snap but not legends of runeterra 💀

  9. Any love for Lost Ark here? I enjoy all the raids they released so far.

  10. 80% of these games can also be played on consoles too

  11. i saw gunshin combat and counter strike and dota 2 i click👍 one of my favorite games at all 😁fan fact i am stick playing counter strike 16 so far online version and they are really dumb when throwing gernades on own self 🤣

  12. It’s funny how they somehow mentioned the only game mode that TF2 DOESNT HAVE

  13. Overwatch should not be on this list.


  14. Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime.

  15. Maybe you guys should stop making videos once for all….

  16. Even if you don't plan on playing anything on this list, at least give a chance to Guild Wars 2's soundtrack. Core game + Heart of Thorns + Path of Fire + End of Dragons expansions + Living World seasons, doesn't matter.

  17. Indie game 'Shatterline' and 'WarFace' are honourable mentions in my opinion.

  18. If you have enough money to buy a gaming-grade PC, you can spend a few bucks extra for Game Pass. Why torment yourself with those greedy money pits when there's so much good stuff on there?

    Also, Vampire Survivors only costs about six bucks. That's a few dozen hours of fun right there.

  19. Ngl Halo infinite at this point in time, should've been on this list, honestly better then most the games on this list right now.

  20. Imagine buying NES Duck Tales for 100 bucks in 1990, and then a time traveler appears and shows you all these games that will be free in 30 years.

  21. as awful as the monetization is in Overwatch, I would be willing to overlook that (for the purposes of this list, at least) if it weren't for the fact that the new heroes are locked unless you either pay $10 each season or grind out all the way to level 55. this isn't some game where heroes are just skins, they are full characters with varying abilities and counters, and as a hero shooter, it is essential to be able to counterpick heroes, which you just straight up can't do unless you pay or invest a ton of time playing matches to unlock them (all games where you can't use that hero as a counterpick). while the game is technically free, the monetization strategy is absurd, to the point where you technically are at a disadvantage if you don't buy the battlepack, so not completely a "free" game.

    genshin, again while technically free, is even worse with its monetization, since it's a gacha game. unless you have money to spend on the wishes or absolutely nothing to do in your life besides grind for hours on end (and still not be able to get many things that whales can), it's another game that really doesn't fit with the "free" name

    TF2 on the other hand is a great addition to the list, with basically no p2w elements (altho it does have a few other issues, one notable one being the whole bot situation). the only critique is that there is no TDM gamemode in tf2, as claimed in the video, unless you find some community server with a custom gamemode.

    Rocket League is probably the best one on this list. while there is a whole bunch of money you can technically spend, absolutely none of it affects gameplay. additionally, it is the closest game you can find to real-life sports, not because of the content of the game, but because it doesn't give you buttons to do anything except basic movement, meaning that you have to learn and practice to be able to do all of the amazing tricks and freestyle mechanics that you want, making it extremely rewarding when you get good at them

  22. I disagree with League of Legends and Genshit impact

  23. Genshin Impact is my favorite PC game of all time

  24. Bleak reminds of this really old PC Jurassic Park game I played so long ago.

  25. I like how overwatch 2 is on the list despite the fact that it's incomplete, it's a more gutted version of overwatch 1, the launch was horrible, and they've so far been recycling events from overwatch one

  26. This video makes me want to type several gamer words…

  27. Most below mediocre list i found on the internet.

  28. What about free to play world war 3 and super people 2

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