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25 FREE VR Games – Hidden Gems of Steam VR!

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Here’s my list of 25 little known VR games that might have slipped under your radar! You can play them using any VR set that supports SteamVR. If you have Oculus Quest 1 / 2, these videos will be very helpful:
—— How to build a PCVR-friendly computer –
—— How to play PCVR games wirelessly –

⏲TIMESTAMPS (the longest list yet 😮):⏲

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Gem #1 Aircar
01:42 – Gem #2 Propagation VR
02:18 – Gem #3 The Red Stare
03:05 – Gem #4 Shattered Lights
04:08 – Gem #5 Koliseum Soccer VR
04:51 – Gem #6 Spider-Man:
Far From Home Virtual Reality
05:30 – Gem #7 Cosmic Flow
06:14 – Gem #8 Conductor:
Creative Joy Engine
07:07 – Gem #9 Eye of the Temple:
First Steps
07:45 – Sponsored Message – cdkeyoffers.com
08:38 – Gem #10 Trickster VR:
Horde Attack!
09:22 – Gem #11 The Ranger:
Lost Tribe
10:07 – Gem #12 Horizon Beyond
10:43 – Gem #13 The Lab
11:20 – Gem #14 NVIDIA VR Funhouse
12:05 – Gem #15 Taphouse VR
12:48 – Gem #16 Battle Summoners VR
13:32 – Gem #17 Cosmic Sugar VR
14:12 – Gem #18 DCS World Steam Edition
15:07 – Gem #19 Guns’n’Stories:
Preface VR
15:52 – Gem #20 MSI Electric City:
Core Assault
16:20 – Gem #21 Contagion VR: Outbreak
17:02 – Gem #22 Google Earth VR
18:04 – Gem #23 Deadly Daycare VR
18:56 – Gem #24 Ludicrous Speed
19:38 – Gem #25 Galaxy Forces VR
20:16 – Final Thoughts

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  1. DCS is everything else except freeeeeee haha. First couple of hours sure, but then you want try to fly other planes and BOOM 60$.
    Im not saying its unfair as i have bought the fair share of planes myself. Im just saying dont mislead people that maybe want to fly their favourite plane and find out it cost 60 – 70 $.

  2. The DCS game looks cool until you realize that it’s got $2000 worth of DLC

  3. Great video! Thanks for the depth of detail and being to the point, Perfectt

  4. Just tried #2 (Propagation VR). Got back into reality 1 hour later and found the cold, gloomy and rainy December day very comfortable and pleasant. The game is really great!

  5. Awesome hidden gem is warriors of Titus. Really tight strategic gameplay that not many people know about.

  6. dont touch dcs unless you are prepared to spend 5 to 15 grand on your setup. i have 2500 in the game alone and another 7k in my setup. it goes from 0 to 60 real quick with dcs

  7. Just started playing Propagation VR and it's alot of fun.

  8. You forgot Lazerbait! Came out in 2016, 3D strategy game. It's pretty fun.

  9. i would leave you a like but vr experiences dont qualify as games my lady. But thanks for the video anyway. Was very informative!

  10. If you do a remaster be sure to add surgeon simulator meet the medic. its old but gold

  11. dcs world is free but planes cost like 80 dollars

  12. What the hell did she say? Low 5 coming this year? No such thing

  13. Fantastic list with a whole lot of great ideas! Awesome voiceover job too, makes me want to keep listening even just for the quality presentation! Will definitely be checking out more of your channel!

  14. I'm blown away by the things that are available for free and that I didn't know about. Thank you so much for showcasing them.

  15. AirCar looks amazing. Also when it started without hmd you can see beautiful footages

  16. Very nice! U should check out my Oculus Quest games. They are both free on Sidequest: LABORATORY SEVENTEEN, and
    Lmk what u think of them. Keep up the good work.

  17. So who else is here because they just got their Pluto PC?

  18. everyone try spiderman homecoming on steam its much better. it has a story and everything. Thank me later

  19. Honestly i want to know why the majority of vr games horror related? Can we get some more categories besides horror a few kids games and some vr movies and chat rooms? God im so impatient lol feels like they're taking forever to upgrade these vr games to their full potential

  20. sadly, eye of the temple demo is no longer available. 🙁

  21. I’m curious why download vr games on pc if you can just store games in oculus?

  22. awesome hidden thing besides google earth o.0……..

  23. This is a great list, and a joy to listen and watch to.

  24. Just played some Air car as a novice vr user… my goodness the motion sickness I have after half an hour

  25. God Loves You Remember That 🙏🏾✝️❤️

  26. As someone pretty new to VR, I really appreciate this video. Downloading Propagation VR and Cosmic Flow as I watch the rest of the video. Also, The Lab is a fantastic free game. I keep going back to play the archery level, and it is what I use to show off VR to friends, because the graphics are pretty amazing even on my old 1060. Subbed. Speaking of older PC systems, I was actually searching for a list of good VR games for low end PCs. That would make a great YouTube video – hint hint. 😉

  27. Thanks for the video. Where can I download these games? Like, if I want the DCS World Steam Edition, for example. Thanks!

  28. Never heard anyone talk about the NVIDIA Funhouse before. I also just purchased a brand new RTX 3070 laptop, thanks for the recommendation 🤓👍

  29. I’m happy to see Trickster VR: Horde Attack on this list. It’s a very underrated vr horde slayer game that’s a blast!

  30. We spent $10,000 on VR. Vive Headset, Valve Controllers. IT DOES NOT WORK!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!

  31. I have played far from home and I must say the spiderman homecoming version is miles better

  32. lmfao they took drewski's footage for dcs. mmm yes
    also, all the clips do not show VR footage (from DCS). it shows people using head tracking such as TrackIR. Which is a bad thing cause you'd have a better overview when u see the raw vr footage itself.

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