$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online - FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE! - thexpgamer.com

$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!

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$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – Rockstar Games officially talked about GTA 5 being available on the Epic Games Store including the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, bonus cash opportunities and MORE!


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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


  1. can i knw after buy gta 5 free ,can this game just leave at my library download it later after 21/5/2019 ?????????

  2. Me friend and i downloaden it on the same day, and he's allready got 1.5M gifted and I didn't get anything yet, pls somebody explain, thanks

  3. I want rock star to give console players like 1 mill as it is not fair

  4. No 1kk bonus cash, just a vehicles and buisness with MC and bunker.

  5. How to get realistic car in epic games gta5

  6. 2.5mil is chump change get.on your grind keep all businesses full and smash on 2x 3x biz weeks

  7. I have a question I got it on my epic account and its ready to download when i get on a pc the question i have ,I have gta on xbox,will I get the money on my gta account too will it transfer or does pc upload money separately like 360 and one or ps3 and ps4 or do the accounts link together

  8. Can the bonus cash and criminal starter pack be available for both new-players and long existing players?
    Just need to clarify.

  9. So console don’t get shit and I already bought the premium 1 wth rockstar F U

  10. Guys anyone help me please I couldn't find anything on the Internet about HOW CAN I GET 1 M MONEY PLEASE HELP ME

  11. Can I activate this criminal starter pack on my old account?

  12. If a had an acc and i log in my rockstar acc trough epic will a get 1milion

  13. Its 97 gigabytes for GTA and it takes about 5 hours or more download generally but mine is taking two days.🙎‍♂️

  14. What do they mean by 'first time starter pack owners get the 1 million? So existing players don't, only new players get? I didn't understand.

  15. idc about new update , i just care that i got gta V for free :0 wiw

  16. The new update better have a glock and stop clickbaiting and stop acting like you work for rockstar

  17. I need help logging in rockstar game launcher. It has a no symbol sign on log in. I just got this game free :/

  18. Oh god why didn’t I notice it was from boss fu*k the world

  19. I redeemed the game on my phone Chrome browser with 3 accounts… Now I have 3 gta 5 premium edition for free😎

  20. I just started playing a week ago and already tried because of all those mk2 flying around and bombing players without any reason 🙄

  21. I linked my twitch to my epic for the game and it says claimed but I still have $30,000 and it said the online servers are down today what do I do im pissed.

  22. Can people who play through rockstar and people on epic games play together?

  23. Did they say that the game is yours to keep what is the point of you getting banned

  24. I hope someone can answer my question.
    Is it possible if Ill buy sharkcards from steam to use on my epic games launcher?

  25. Hi Everyone Hello How are you guys enojying youtube

  26. I download it for 5 dollars in epic games store

  27. I never got my money like tf it’s been 2 weeks

  28. Bruhhh no way I downloaded it but never loaded in and got the stuff so I never got the money and enterprise just gta

  29. Is it possible to get the duke o death in the epic games version?

  30. I created online character on 29th may but still not got 1 m why ? Any suggestion ? I am first time player

  31. I got so excited been waiting to get gta for like 7 years…. then I saw 1 month ago. This is what happens when you don’t turn on notifications. 💔 Heart been broke so many times 😖

  32. Pls tell me, it's work now ?
    This my 1st time playing GTA V , so i need GTA V money for buying some office

  33. Didnt you already make a video on this saying you get 1 mil

  34. what kinda car are you driving in the beginning of the video

  35. Is it still I saw today it costed 219 bucks I. Denmark

  36. how i play game gta v online without buying a real gta v ?
    can you help me please

  37. Even though I don't have a pc I still bought the gta on epic games. 😂😁

  38. $2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!

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