$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online - FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE! - thexpgamer.com

$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!

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$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – Rockstar Games officially talked about GTA 5 being available on the Epic Games Store including the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, bonus cash opportunities and MORE!


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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


  1. It's all about rockstar isn't it mr boss, I've had gta 5 for a long time and I have higher rank wow.

  2. the game might be shit bcs it is free to get and more cheaters will be playing it ;|

  3. I dont get the 1million money on gta anf i get the game from epic games store, help me pls

  4. Can I play online without play station network if I’ve already owned the game?

  5. Bruh ps4 players angry asf Rn we only get 500k while pc players get 2.5 mil and Xbox gets red dead

  6. I don't want to play gta with ppl who plays fornite tbh

  7. So if we have an existing GTA online account, can we transfer the Criminal enterprise pack along with the money and other perks to our existing account?

  8. Getting that good ol' feeling from 2013, when GTA Online debuted on X360/PS3.
    Because who likes functional Rockstar servers anyway, right ?

  9. will my existing account be reset if i do this on that account?

  10. Does anybody know if i can use this to get it on ps4

  11. PC GTA Players:LETS GOOOOO YAY!!!!
    Console Players:I'm sill alive yknow rockstar
    Rockstar Games Company:I'm broke af

  12. Can I somehow connect my gta acc on steam to epic games and get the starter pack??

  13. How to do you get the game for free if you already played it. I have it on steam. And want to transfer my data over to epic games. Or can I get the premium edition on steam for free. Anyone please help me on this. Thanks.

  14. I have a question. I play on Ps3 can I transfer My player to pc? And dont get to start all over again?

  15. His vids so gay i woke me up from my coma just to turn it off😂

  16. I bought the game 2 days before this happen on pc

  17. I didn't received the 500.000 welcome gift, why so ?

  18. How can I see my fps in GTA? I use Epic game laucher

  19. If you have xbox game pass u can also get it for free on that

  20. GTA need to make it so u can spawn in your ceo office garage , it’ll save so much time over all !!

  21. Giving gta 5 free is actually gay, the pc lobbies are fucked

  22. Pixel peat arcade isn’t being given to twitch prime linked accounts

  23. Arcade isn’t being given to twitch prime anymore

  24. I thought what the hell I'll get it, I may not play it much not much of a PC gamer but hey am not going to say no to a free game that cost a lot of money buy it's self and then adding the DLC on top,
    I just need to wait for it to download then i'll set up my twitch to it, not going to say no to free in game money lol
    am British we live for free things lol

  25. ALSO if the Xboxs get RDR2 free, and the PC get GTA5 free, what does the PS4 get for free lol

  26. I paid for my original account to be modded so I have nothing to do on my original account anymore, this is a great opportunity to start over and with a little cash bonus!

  27. Make new account, redeem game, wait a couple weeks, sell the account, repeat, stonks

  28. i cant believe they did this im so happy but now kids can just get it

  29. Remember when we had to work for our money?

  30. Right, clicked on the video and straight to the comments.

  31. So the people that payed full price for this game just get the middle finger and they get nothing?

  32. Can you download it on your PC just to get the money on your PlayStation if you link the accounts

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