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3 FREE STEAM Game Weekends Right NOW + Awesome STEAM Game Deals!

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0:00 – Intro

ARK: Survival Ascended – 0:32

Hearts of Iron IV – 1:18

The Elder Scrolls® Online – 2:21

No Man’s Sky – 4:14

Grand Theft Auto V – 5:59

The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt – 7:22

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  1. Yeah but we enjoyed the classics GTA games GTA 5 and under we the ogs

  2. HoI IV was on sale a few weeks ago, if you not picked it up then and there, would use this free weekend to your advantage if you're interested in the game

  3. Light No Fire does have a steam page.

  4. GTAO is trash, RDO is better. Unfortunate. GTAVI is going to be garbage too, Take2 ruined R*. Nobody wants to work for those soul crushing suits.

  5. Ah No Man's Sky. The game that proved to companies you can release broken unfinished games as long as you apologize and issue constant updates over time.

  6. You forgot to mention that Ripout is also having a free weekend on Steam. This game is an online co-op horror FPS and is published by 3D Realms. I’m definitely going to try to play this game & see if I like it.

  7. BG sucks in ESO. The idiot side of PvPers treats all BG as a fake Death Match. What's their response? They are all death match🙄

  8. Sea of Thieves had a major turnaround as well from its initial release.

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