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3 on 3 Freestyle Gameplay – Basketball video game – Free games to play on PS4 – Part 2

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3 on 3 Freestyle Gameplay – Basketball video game – Free games to play on PS4 – Part 2

Based around 3 on 3 street basketball matches, the real-time, online, community driven, competition of 3on3 Freestyle captures the “anything can happen” nature of basketball and puts the controls of the story into the hands of the player. The game could end up telling the tale of a one-sided domination by a well-oiled squad, or it could be a nail-biter which comes down to a game-winning outside shot.

Players can dive into a huge online community of potential teammates and competitors for a personal, competitive experience which makes them feel like they are right there on the court. Allowing for personal interaction, team development, and rivalry, 3on3 Freestyle’s online community is social and interactive, while also combative at the same time. In this format, a player might be able to catch a no-look pass from a friend and then dish the ball off to another who throws down a tomahawk dunk over an outstretched defender.

The straightforward controls of 3on3 Freestyle allow for players to be executing their favorite basketball moves with ease within their first time trying out the game. Once the basics have been mastered, players will find that each character within the game has their very own signature basketball tricks which can quickly be picked up, mastered, and unleashed on opponents.

The artists who designed the 3on3 Freestyle went to street basketball courts all around the U.S. and infused what they saw directly into the game using Unreal Engine high-quality graphics and game design tools. This first-hand attention to detail makes itself clear in the interactive environments and characters of the game which come to life on the screen with the action when the crowd goes wild after a player pulls off a stunning alley-oop or hits an acrobatic shot.

In the game, players can pick from a wide variety of diverse street basketball characters with specific skill sets and physical traits inspired by the different kinds of basketball players you will find on the court. Whether the player wants a tall, lanky rim protector, a gravity-defying slam dunk artist, or a Steph Curry, who can bury the outside shot with ease, they can find them in 3on3 Freestyle’s roster of characters.

3on3 Freestyle delivers the fierce competition and creativity of street basketball in a free-to-play game for consoles basketball fanatics and even non-sports fans can master and love. Also, the game’s interactive community allows players to build teams which create personal bonds, and friendships within the game, not usually created through video games.

3on3 Freestyle is the only free-to-play basketball game on PS4. The game’s unique free-to-play approach means that players can dedicate the time needed to master the game and become online street basketball legends without having to commit the large amounts of money required for other basketball games found on PS4.


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