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3D Pacman – Free Online Game

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Cool 3D Pacman game on Fetchfido Free Online Games. (Shockwave)

A great 3D version of Pacman that first appeared courtesy of Namco back around 1980, this game never gets old.

Check out the train move at the end of the video, I meant to do it honest 🙂

3D Pacman

Fetchfido Free Online Games


  1. Bruh how tf did this get in my recommended?

  2. Pac-drain is a dying channel. not the creator :) says:

    I remember this

  3. MrJoshbumstead is right, but I love it. Is there going to be a 3D version of the ORIGINAL Pac-Man?

  4. The links in the description don't work! They just go to a different site, both websites are the same one! The same page! There's no difference between them, so i can't get to the game! Help!

  5. Pacman is so yesterday! play Pac Hero, it's more fun 🙂

  6. Anyway have you heard of Pac Hero? It's like Pac Man but a new and much more fun 'superhero' version of Pac Man!!

  7. The sound is different but pac-man does the turns faster than the ghosts 1+dislikes and 3 out of 10 cause you cheat by not allowing pac-man to turn faster that the ghosts

  8. if this is PAC man and the game is ms PAC man then
    ms PAC man is probably PAC man

  9. This is mrs pacman it's totally not Pacman it's not namco

  10. I have things that I wanna say about this.

    Even though this was made 7 years ago, this is actually Ms. Pac Man, not the original one. And also, The model does not even have an eating animation whenever it eats dots.

  11. A download link for this game would be nice.

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