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5 Best Cozy Games that are FREE! | Cozy Gamer

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  1. genshin aint cozy bruv, its fokin stressful to fokin grind ;-;

  2. wizard 101 doesnt work where I live😭

  3. Have you heard of Call of Duty? It's a very cozy game and everyone is so nice and isn't racist

  4. Just know geshin and their other games from the company have kernal level access on your pc and from communist china isn't a very bright idea

  5. can u recommend somethin offline? thanks hehe

  6. fall guys is the reason my switch is broken

  7. genshin is not recommended trust me its almost 1tb 💀


  9. Fall guys is relaxing to me and in my opinion it's really easy 🤷

  10. me hold a mini calculator that bearly run on a potato

  11. It’s sad how these days a free game means “free to play, but here’s a shit ton of micro transitions that we’re going to shove in your face”, instead of here’s some games that are being given away, or now free, no paywall, or mobile bullshit.

  12. Wiz gives you about 20 mins of free then it’s paywalled

  13. Wow! Fall guys is totally super calm, genshin definitely did not make me rage quit during boss fights, and my sims defo didn't piss me off from making food on the bathroom counters!

  14. Genshin being cozy until you need to farm primos and artifacts for a charactet☠️

  15. Top 5 cozy game…
    first one is the battle royale… last man standing…

  16. genshin is cool, and free. but its also a choice of whether you want to keep some storage space for any other games, or sacrifice it all for genshin lmao

  17. The only cozy game here is the mmo and the sims 4

  18. Fall guys is a stressful rage game

  19. Sims is fun until your sims start dying and house burns down.

  20. Well I wish I would’ve gotten sims when it was free… 60 bucks down the drain😭✋

  21. Are you dumb or what? Fall guys and genshin impact ain't relaxing at all

  22. Cozy or not, I don’t have the computer equipped to play. Sigh.

  23. Fall guys e genshin só pode ser piada

  24. Bruh, fall guys and Genshin impact is not cozy, they give us a litle of stress

  25. where can i download all of them?

  26. NO F*CKING WAY! I have the EXACT same squismallow as you🫨

  27. Fall guys is not cozy I broke three of my controller playing that game

  28. Nah, Tower of Fantasy made me cry. You can't make a medium to dark skin POC character in it because the scleras go dark as well, like they're evil. I was playing it on stream and my chat pointed it out. After I reacted negatively, they ushered me into playing another game to feel better. I'm still grateful for them.

  29. Please what's the name of the last one😮

  30. Tell me you don't know the meaning of cozy without telling mw you don't know the meaning of cozy 💀

  31. Well fall guys I don’t think it is very cozy but still I’m gonna download it! And for genshin and the other games there not really my type!


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