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5 Best FREE Play to Earn Crypto NFT Games with ZERO Investment

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Here’s part 2 of The Best NFT Games that require ZERO investment to begin with and which can get you profitable.

If you saw our last video about NFT games that require no investment , then you’re in luck. That’s because this is the Game Mag’s 5 more NFT games that don’t need any kind of financial investment whatsoever. NFT games are still going strong, regardless if there are people and groups that just see it as a scam or some sort of scheme. Like any investment, NFT games can go up, down, go up again, and so on. Let’s not delay it any further because here are five games that you might want to check out and get started.

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  1. The game #tribalpunk has pretty graphics and is having beta test x3 reward ad review for everyone to refer to

  2. Thanks for this! Check Planetary Partyverse on Twitter! Have sustainable tokenomics and awesome roadmap! Great potential to hit the moon

  3. Nice games. I have played DeFi Warrior for 6 months and I still find more projects to invest in

  4. maoe good, makes you rich, play to win now

  5. Nice video. Hope to see your next video about Defi Warrior. This game is heading towards the metaverse. Thank you

  6. In Time Raiders, you can earn a great deal of NFT, which can be exchanged for XPND. XPND can be used to upgrade your gaming characters, and you can even stake it.

  7. Thanks for compiling these play to earn games! I hope to see you trying out the Gemie room soon!

  8. DeFi Warrior is also a potential game. It just launched mobile version, which include trial mode for newbie to experience the game for free.

  9. Trader👉(Mitnickhack1_Origina On Telegram) says:

    OMG.👆😳 l never believe it was real,this is amazing a whole 2.5BTC just for me alone l can't keep my see off this…I don't really know how to thank you for this lifetime changes..he just make my dream comes true…l still can't believe it true 🥰 ..

  10. $GULL is looking good right now. One project that will be hot as soon as it launches and that's going to be PolyGod and their crypto $GULL. The game is almost here and it'll be a great opportunity to get in early

  11. Thanks for the recommendations lads, another one to check out for is #PolyGod, It's an upcoming play for fun and P2E tower-defense game based on Norse Gods and Goddesses made on Unreal Engine 5, with NFTs made by a concept artist who worked in Marvel

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    appreciate your effort 💯

  13. a thank you from Brazil! Great video and great content! Congratulations!

  14. Thank you, sir. It helps me to discover more free to play games.

  15. Great games. I'm also waiting for the launch of dreams quest. An rpg game made in the metaverse.
    You can earn $DREAMS by collecting and selling dynamic NFTs.
    You better check it out.

  16. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about these games. Think Dungeon and Raids is what caught my attention here, because of its graphics closely related to Remnant Labs. hope to hear from you about the latter as well, especially now that they are about to have the season 2 of their mini games.

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