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5 Failed/Abandoned Lego Online Games

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Howdy! Why has every Lego online game failed so far? MMORPG or Minecraft clone, they all seem to have the same fate. Let’s investigate them together 🙂
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  1. Lego Minifigures Online was my childhood. Then I woke up and the servers were down.

  2. I remember playing a lego chima racing game. It was fun

  3. i remember the good ol days of lego universe
    the thing is, it was made back when games like WoW werent the juggernauts the are now, they were still popular obviously but werent quite as insane as a lot of MMOs nowadays

    anyway let me go check the progress of DarkFlame and see if they have the stuff ready to play, will probably play for hours on end if public access is ready

  4. Bur lego dimensions was updated pretty recently

  5. the only one of these games i ever heard of was lego dimentions i loved that game so much i beat the game very quickly once i figured everything out,then i remember how my friend accidentally reset the game and it kept reseting automatically ever since


  7. Rest in peace, lego universe, i fucking hate dongs now

  8. I have both Lego Worlds and Lego dimensions. Lego Worlds is pretty good, but I too mostly explore the worlds. But occasionally, I do like to build things. As for Lego Dimensions, I would still be playing that even to this day if my Gandalf figure didn't die. What I mean is that one day, my Gandalf figure just stopped working and now I can't properly re-play the main story because I need a minifigure that can light up dark areas as there are some parts in the main story where you have to light up dark areas to even progress.

  9. First and foremost, Dimensions was not an online game. It was another console game. Second, Dimensions and LEGO Universe were both drop-dead amazing! Seriously, LEGO Universe is one of the games that defined my childhood, and Dimensions was just awesome to begin with! Also, another reason LEGO Universe shut down was, ironically enough, Minecraft. Around the time LU was losing money, Minecraft hit the scene. When kids looked at Minecraft and saw its limitless build potential, the property function of LU didn't seem so entertaining anymore, specifically because in LU all you could do in the properties was build on top of them in pre-determined biomes. Minecraft, however, allowed you to completely rebuild the world from the ground up if you had the mind to. In a way, Minecraft was doing a better job than what LEGO was going for! As a result, they lost even MORE players. In truth, there are a variety of reasons LU shut down, but that was just the biggest I could think of. Otherwise, LEGO Universe is the best LEGO video game of all time. Just TRY and change my mind.

  10. And why are you talking about lego games you fucking bitch

  11. They always end up abandoning there gimicy mobile games

  12. Old Scholl ruenscape is batter then your face

  13. I was a beta tester for Lego Universe..The reason they shut down is they only had servers in Denmark, which actually had the least amount of testers. Most of the testers I found were either in the US or in Australia

  14. the lego worlds title screen music is amazing, personally its on my top5 soundtracks from the last decade.
    I never played it online but I really like screwing around with all the vehicles

  15. Universe also had a MAJOR paywall about 1/8th into the game which was locked to america
    Similar to wizard 101
    You couldnt do much past the first couple missions
    I got to play it back in the day. Im one of the few who remember it and actually got to play it
    It was p wild


  17. Dimensions should have been $30 or less (Portal included) and the only cost would have been the character packs.

  18. I remember playing Lego universe on my dad mac

  19. “Schlongs”

    Oh… OH… it’s Minecraft all over again.

  20. Wow I still see Lego worlds in stores and I have it

  21. I've enjoyed Lego Dimensions so much, I still think it's worth it. The core game is pretty enjoyable even if you don't get the expansion packs. As long as you don't hate all 30 franchises evolved, look for it online.

  22. I consider it one of the world's greatest tragedies at how Lego Dimensions fell short. It was an amazing game, and after having played it again just recently, you can tell that each franchise it brought to the table was treated with the utmost respect.

    Be it hiring as many of the original actors to reprise their roles in the game as possible, crafting real life sets for every set piece in the game so they know how to program it in the game, and creating an amazingly imaginative narrative that tied this lucrative crossover together, Lego Dimensions was a far superior product to the other toy-to-life products at the time, even compared to Skylanders.

    And did I mention that the game literally stops you in your tracks and forces you to actually play with the physical Lego sets provided? That was such an ingenious way to immerse yourself into the game, and it causes you to be proud of the work you yourself accomplished when you see the figures and sets YOU built spring to life on the screen.

    If a Lego Dimensions 2 ever gets created, you know I will board that ship before you can even say "Shut up and take my money."

  23. Dimensions was a failure potentially because for me at least you had to update the game for every new figure introduced and sometimes mission freezing for me at least

  24. Its a bit like Club Penguin where fans have their own server

  25. The most annoying thing about Dimensions is that many characters are new to Lego and/or don't have many sets or games based on them…the starter pack gives you 3 characters who are in many sets and a few games already.

  26. Lego dimensions was awesome. I accidentally broke my toy pad though (by tripping on the cable Jesus Christ I’m stupid) so I can’t even play it anymore.

  27. Lego dimensions the first sonic free roem game.

  28. I still remember lego dimensions I got it for my birthday once like first came out.

  29. I didn’t know Lego dimensions was an online game until today.

  30. Oh my gosh I remember the chima game. I only got passed the part where you make the character, after that I could never play it because it glitched so much for me lmao

  31. R34 people ruin every free creative game/server >:(

  32. The only LEGO game that isn’t dead is LEGO mario lol. Edit: I still hate myself

  33. To me lego dimensions is very amazing game even if I don't have the game

  34. I remember crying when lego universe shut down

  35. i had lego universe, i had only picked it up around a month before it was shut down, i had no idea what i was doing but it was fun

  36. I remember playing a lego driving game where you can make your own character and car.

  37. I have Lego worlds (on console) and it’s really fun even though I keep trapping myself in pryimids 😂😂😂

  38. Lego dimensions was not an online game but it did fail because it got too big for its own good

  39. i still play lego dimensions to this day

  40. Damn… I forgot how much I loved Lego Universe all of those years ago. It was probably the most fun I ever had playing a Lego game. Exploring all of the things people made and the world in general will never leave my head again.

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