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5 Free Social VR Games That You Should Try!

Cas and Chary VR
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Here are 5 social VR games that you might have missed but are worth checking out! Timestamps below.
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Social VR. It is one of the things that makes VR great. Being able to hang out with friends or family who live in a different country or meet new people all around the world and feeling like you are standing right next to them. VR has definitely opened up a new and amazing way of interacting online.

So we all know VRChat, Rec Room, or AltSpaceVR. This video isn’t about these games. It’s about 5 others that you might have missed.

00:01 – Intro
00:55 – Sansar
03:11 – Neos VR
05:11 – Wave Beta
06:53 – Bigscreen
07:48 – Anyland

Sansar –
Neos VR –
Wave Beta –
Bigscreen –
Anyland –

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VR on!
– Cas and Chary VR

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  1. The issue is these games have no real population to keep you engaged.

  2. Are you going to try one of these social games? Let us know what social game is your favorite and if I am missing something, please do comment them below. We'll check it out!

    00:01 – Intro

    00:55 – Sansar

    03:11 – Neos VR

    05:11 – Wave Beta

    06:53 – Bigscreen

    07:48 – Anyland

  3. Which would you say has the largest player base? I keep trying multiplayer VR games only to find no ones playing them anymore.

  4. So we got a VR version of Second Life? Awesome 😀 Been playing Second Life on and off since early 2009 so this is a welcome change ^^

  5. do all these games work for the oculus quest?

  6. Thanks so much for featuring Neos VR! It means a lot to me and our team.

  7. I wonder about the legality of sharing media through Bigscreen. Regardless, I'd love to try that a bit more, especially with how comfy headsets have become these days.
    Discord movie night?! 😀

  8. I should….but I don't have friends.
    I like the sound of Sansar though, but it's reviews are really tanking on Steam.

  9. Big Screen seems like a great idea to show off created videos or maybe get opinions from friends before uploading it anywhere. What seems the coolest to me is the Wave VR concert idea, that’s pretty awesome.

  10. Greets from Germany! Came over to your channel by VoodooDE VRs channel and will stay. I like your outtakes! 😄 Keep going! 😃

  11. Thanks for the shining the spotlight on Anyland, we are a small but friendly community 🙂

  12. Sansar seem to have changed a lot since i last tried it. Need to do a revisit.

  13. That dancing cowboy thing in anyland was actually made by Pendelton Ward, the creator of adventure time. Yes he plays this. If you look on his personal YT channel you can see 2 anyland videos as proof

  14. Any plans for subscriber meet and greet in a social VR game?

  15. NeosVR!!! I've put a metric ton of time into Neos and even supported them on Patreon, I love the platform, and I can't wait to see what it will become

  16. Sansar is awesome and it is wonderful to see what people are building. A vibrant culture is emerging. Slowly but surely. Of course places like Second Life have over a decade more of creative energy from millions of people behind it hence there is MORE to explore but we have been doing weekly fieldtrips for 2 years now in Sansar [via the #114harvest community] & I am super excited about where it is going!!! A very similar diverse community like in SL is emerging: players, explorers, builders and everything in between ….

  17. Interesting, will need to try out Sansar. Thanks for sharing!

  18. i think these are not available now. they are not in the oculus store anymore

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