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6 BEST Free Strategy Games on STEAM

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►00:00 War Selection

►02:02 Zero-K

►04:03 Soldiers Arena (Men of War II: Arena)

►06:02 Empires Apart

►08:01 Offworld Trading Company

►10:05 Call to Arms (stopped being Free to Play since October 2019)


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  1. Hoi4 – one of the best strategy games out there, along with WW2 there is many other mods to help for the scenarios and research, its hard to learn but with hard effort it is moderately hard. You will have a more enjoyable experience with its console commands available at Cheat Land.

  2. i got an ad for a strategy game the second i clicked on this

  3. Im looking for suggestions soo.
    Epirez apart : 1 like
    The WW2 one : 1 dislike

  4. So much tech and this is what best strategy game of humankind ….pathetic

  5. War Selection discord admin here,

    Very epic video.

  6. War selection is definitely the best free building game out there.

  7. stupid that 2 of the games that looked rly fun now cost money.

  8. If you love strategy games. You need to go on steam and buy Total annihilation, one of the all time classics.

  9. Warlords battlecry one of the best if it made a new game i would love it

  10. men of war 2 arena is only available at ukraine and russia so yeah unavailabe everywhere else my heart was broken when i heard this

  11. sorry who knows what is the name first game?

  12. Empires Apart was a good suggestion but some of the controls got buggy fwhen u get big

  13. yes finnally some good freee strat games

  14. Any help I'm looking for a game I used to play when I was young nostalgic
    I remember when you marry the characters then a bird brings the baby and dropped it on the house

  15. Empires apart is such a copy from Age of empires 2

  16. Whats worth play here? they all look so bad!

  17. the offworld trading company is no longer free

  18. Checked out war selection, ITS SO FUN thanks for the recommendation

  19. مٌحُمٌدِ الُْعبّيَدِيَ says:

    Hello, one of you helps me. I am looking for a game, but I forgot its name, but I will give you an impression of it. The game consists of three armies, the first is an army of human fighters, the army is the army, the jungle monsters, the other is volcanic monsters, and also the game in which every army has leaders and magicians

  20. im looking for free village building games, any suggestions would be helpful

  21. Guy Play Conquerrors Blades, it's the best game.

    If you want come to EUW2 (Sicania 2)
    Than the house Yamato.
    We will help you with everything

  22. Wanted to play Call of Arms just realised that its Not free anymore lol

  23. bruh strategy games are with maps and stuff not this

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