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7 lil’ indie games i think you should play (no pressure)

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Later Alligator (coming soon to switch!!):
A Short Hike:
The Invisible Hours (also on PSVR + Quest):
Hypnospace Outlaw:

00:00 – Intro
3:07 – Later Alligator
4:43 – Snakeybus
6:30 – Adam & Eve
7:11 – A Short Hike
8:46 – The Invisible Hours
10:59 – Superliminal
12:48 – Hypnospace Outlaw
15:13 – go away


  1. 2 years ago he gave us a list of indies with "no pressure" added in (). 2 weeks ago it's more recommendations but "he's not aaking".

    It's nice to see how far Noodle has come. I can't wait to see where he will be 2 years from now. See this comment in 2 years.

  2. ive played a short hike and it was so cute!

  3. Hypnospace outlaw is the best game I played this year!!

  4. I’m not cool. My brother forced pikuniku down my throat

  5. This guy deserves a subscribe simply because he's a lil cardboard guy with a hand-cloth green screen

  6. Ive played pikuniku and superluminal 😎😎😎😎

  7. Later Alligator might be one of my new favorites:3

  8. On the topic, here is my list of games you have to play (Do not spoil these for yourself)
    1. Little Nightmares series
    2. stray
    3. Hollow knight
    4. Doki Doki literature club
    5. Subnautica
    6. iron lung
    7. undertale/delta rune (if you somehow haven't been spoiled just go play it)
    8. anything that isn't mascot horror or fnaf

  9. Hey Smallbu are my friends, I love seeing their stuff get some love 🙂

  10. i only played superliminal
    good game, laggy for my potato

  11. I remember playing superliminal when i was stuck at home for two weeks due to work thinking i had covid. I was isolated and pretty lonely a week in and decided to try it out. I beat it in one go and loved it. Hes right though the ending is lame and sucks. It feels like the first portal but with out the fun ending.

  12. i have a game recommendation its called love is in the smallest things:)

  13. I legit thought he had a camera in the thumbnail so my genuine reaction was basically “oh a letter I have friends. OH that’s not a letter that’s a threat “

  14. me no play game these will. !no come home me.

  15. Wow. You didn’t put Undertale onto that list. How dare you?!

    (I mean I don’t mean to be mean, but cmon!)

  16. I’ve played almost all of these. I am now cool

  17. Hypnospace Outlaw is so good. I bought it when it was on sale and I had no idea how nostalgic it was going to be. It’s easily become one of my all time favorites. It’s one of those games that you can play over and over again and still find new things.

  18. the soundbit in the intro, where is it from? COD Bo2 Zombies? Somewhere else? I know it, but not from what. plz help

  19. I actully played pikuniku its great, please tell me im cool

  20. I was already planning to play Hyperspace Outlaw.

  21. causally binging all of noodle because im spiraling, love this funky little carboard man

  22. your cartboard video format is so incredibly charming!

  23. yeah this is filler, sorry for the wait

    I've got better vids in the pipeline, thanks for bearing with me 'till then👍

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