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7 New Free PC Games to Play Right Now 2021

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7 New Free PC Games To Play Right Now 2021

Here are the new free PC games you can download and play right now in 2021. This list includes the best free to play games which include FPS, Survival, Battle Royale and many more. This list made for people who don’t want get broke spending their money for paid games. All these games are free which mean you can download them from Steam, Epic Games and their official website.

♦ List ♦

■ Enlisted
Genres: First-person Shooter

■ Caliber
Genres: Third-person shooter

■ Super Bomberman R Online
Genres: Battle Royale

■ Red Alert 2 Chrono Divide
Genres: Real-time strategy

■ Smash Legends
Genres: Action

■ Muck
Genres: Sandbox Survival

■ Scavengers
Genres: Battle Royale



  1. Ah yes my favorite pc game, “Raid Shadow Legends!”

  2. And to anyone who wants a battle royale version of enlisted, it's called CRSD F.O.A.D, and it's the original by gaijin, and it's also free to play!

  3. Enlisted is just like battlefield 5 but different design and different mechanics

  4. Clickbait nice |ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED| “You earned a dislike”


  6. i been tring to download enlisted for a week but they capcha aint working

  7. Enlisted just needa chill with the fucking screen shaking bruh i hadda deal with air strikes fucking my shit up for 2 whole campaigns 😭

  8. Splitgate, F2P Steam, you should totally play it

  9. Sponsored by a pile of hot garbage that claims to be a game that is not a game.

  10. im just looking for new games rather than the top games cz game developers are scared to be different.

  11. Muck is a game from Dani(a YouTuber) who made it for fun.

  12. And that’s why I love this channel. Other channels be like free games valorant, warzone like Ik they’re free. But he shows games nobody knew existed

  13. where i can download Enlisted and Caliber?

  14. caliber isnt bad. its the only one i would recommend.

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