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8 New Games August (2 FREE GAMES)

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August is here! Check out some of these….

* Kena: Bridge of Spirits – 3rd Person action adventure – August 24th – PS4, PS5 , PC – REDUCED PRICE
* Ghost of Tsushima – Directors Cut – 3rd Person Open World Action – August 20th – PS4, PS5 – FULL PRICE and REDUCED PRICE
* FREE GAME – Splitgate – 1st person arena shooter – July 27th – PlayStation, Xbox, PC
* FREE GAME – Hunter’s Arena Legends – Melee Battle Royale and one on one fighter – August 3rd – PS4, PS5, PC
* Psychonauts 2 – 3rd Person platformer – August 25th – PlayStation, Xbox, PC – FULL PRICE (also on game pass)
* Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Team Shooter / Survival Horror – August 24th – PC, Playstation, Xbox – REDUCED PRICE
* Marvel’s Avengers – FREE TRIAL – July 29th – August 1st
* 12 minutes – point and click adventure – August 19th – Xbox, PC



  1. The 12 min point and click game is the only one that seems remotely good and it's not even coming out on ps4 smh

  2. Where is the hunter's legends? Its 5th

  3. I've played splitgate for 2 weeks or something near that time and it's fun

  4. Kena delayed AGAIN TILL SEPT 21😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  5. Played Hunter’s today…very disappointing.

  6. It's worth noting that due to server issues due to huge amounts of players, Splitgates launch has been pushed back, all launch content is in game now though.

  7. Because there's a Free 100 coins on referral HQQ5424C

  8. Best game is splitgate no joke its the best

  9. I cant load into splitgate the loading screen bro😐

  10. Big hype for alien for me I was watching all the best lore of it for a while now and I’m a major huge fan horror sci-fi

  11. But hunters arenas legend once you download is the game your for always or only till next mouth?

  12. I woke up early to download ghost and I can’t even download it😐

  13. Bro are you mean ghost of tsushima gonna be free on PS4 August 20th??

  14. pffff an adamaru and I dont like pop music much

  15. i have kena pre ordered already and im so hyped for it

  16. Finishing Biomutant then I’m moving on to Kena

  17. Kena unfortunately got delayed until September if I'm not mistaken

  18. My problem with every free 2 play shootwr on console is taht only a very few have auto sprint enabled.
    I need my joysticks for crouching and jumping bc i dont like to let go of my joystick with which i aim and move to perform anything. And even worse when u cant do costum controll layout.

  19. No way!!! I can finally play Marvel's avangerss🔥😭

  20. Giraffe, look what you made me do – Taylor swift

  21. So if you have the ghost of Tsushima game why wouldn't you just buy the original game and then the dlc if it's cheaper?

  22. Is ghost of tsushima directors cut free???

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