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A Sonic Game, with Online Multiplayer

Blue Vivacity
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This video shows off Sonic Network World, a 2D Sonic Fan Game by ElectroBlock.
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  1. Theyre doing something similar in Roblox, for some reason

  2. I found game named "Sonic Network Land V.91" on GameJolt.

  3. A Sonic Game with Online Multiplayer


  4. Физику подкачать, и прям канфетка будет

  5. Hopefully this doesn’t get taken down like the Mario battle royale

  6. 1:44 for the guy who has his comment under me
    challenger approaching: sonictdm Does his mobile

    Also why do you support team TDM?

  7. this video was published a day before my birthday!

  8. We already have Sonic Multiplayer Online Game
    – Classic Sonic Simulator Roblox

  9. Roblox Has A Game like this
    Classic Sonic Simulator

  10. I wish Mario and Sonic at it online multiplayer play with people around

  11. Couldn't process 1:48

    Knuckles's sign ?!

    AMY GOT THROUGH ?!!??!

  12. There's modern sonic and press s to boost as modern but the boost almost the same speed I even forgot I have a pc it was fun

  13. How do you make a account on this game when I put in my email it says it’s already taken

  14. Is there another way to download the game?
    On gamejolt, your suppose to be 18 to play gamejolt
    And I'm 10. 🙁

  15. Hey blue vivacity, is PT BR useful in this game?

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