Allegiance: Free Online Multiplayer Game by Microsoft: Intro -

Allegiance: Free Online Multiplayer Game by Microsoft: Intro

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Allegiance is an online game providing a mix of real-time strategy and player piloted space combat. Initially developed by Microsoft Research, the game was later released under a shared source license[1] and is now maintained/developed by volunteers. Gameplay relies heavily on good teamwork and forward thinking and players can fly a variety of craft, striving to destroy enemy team installations and protecting their own.

The game never achieved commercial success but it did manage to build a dedicated following, who have stayed with the game and continued its development. Due to the lack of commercial success, the official servers closed in 2002. As a consequence of this, the original retail version of the game is unusable. However, the Allegiance community has successfully rebuilt the game and it is now free to play.
Allegiance received GameSpot’s Best Game No One Played[2] award in 2000.


  1. it's homeworld + space simulator
    how can you hate this? It just takes a bit of learning!

  2. everyone should join. its free, and its amazing. people of all ages ALL over the world plays this game. i mean that quite literally. i've seen teens, and adults play. people from GB, germany, australia, america, and just so many other places are practially always on playing. serisously… join. its fun.

  3. IT jsut means no one played it, but it was good

  4. when adventure quest is better then runescape…

  5. i lyk this game im pissed off cuz it wont work on ma new pc. ny1 no how to get it to work on vista?

  6. sex with fat chicks is better than runescape

  7. I remember beta testing this game and was floored by the amazing graphics, control, so much detail so many ships huge epic battles. And even by todays standards it can hold its own.

  8. but microsoft has stopped supporting 7 years ago.

  9. they never ever really supported it, it didnt make it much past beta, it was so ahead of its time, you can play it for free though. But there is something different in the controls from the beta and I can not get the hang of the controls. I have tried I really love this game

  10. Wouldm't it take several days for an asteroid to reach Earth from the Moon? Lol

  11. umm no lmao look up how fast asteroids wouldnt even see it…if asteroid shot as us from moon it wouldnt take long moviess that show the asteroid slowly coming down to earth are fake you wouldnt see it its traveling so fast youd be dead before you knew it.

  12. Atmospheric friction would burn it up.
    It's a space combat sim.

  13. Actually, simply hitting it with sufficient force in space is enough to alter the trajectory of any object. With an asteroid, you wouldn't need to destroy it, simply alter it's course.

  14. an asteroid that big would not be able to burn up in the atmosphere sadly, 🙁

  15. I meant that if blown up into small enough fragments, as halo suggested, it would burn up.

    Altering the trajectory would probably be easier though.

  16. the trailer makes the game look as goood as it is 😀

  17. i had the same problem i can help. if you have mcafee you have to get rid of it. mcafee fire walls it and theres no way to turn it off. get a new anti virus. if that doesent work try running it in compalibility mode. windows xp service pack 1

  18. Sounds like you just flew for a noob commander. The game is awesome when you have a decent one.

    You can have up to 3 callsigns on your account. Being booted by the commander only kicks the callsign you were logged in with and only for the rest of that game.

    So just log back in with another callsign and join the other team

  19. this is the stupidest game ever it looks like

  20. I think you have to "Run as Administrator" and run in "Windows Server 2003" mode or something. look on the forums for more help…..

  21. To be honest this is rubbish compared to the game Freelancer People may not relize it but freelancer had the right type of stuff
    and over 50,000 people worldwide still play it this day

  22. @laharl69cirno well erm… thats impossible if it was made 3 years before it :). unless we have developed stable time travel the maybe but NO lol

  23. @MaltezaPleazaa What does this has to do with runescape? o.o

  24. @Bakuhatsu233 are u fucking serious. replying after 2 years

  25. @MaltezaPleazaa Lol. woooooo calm down pls ^^. The comment wasn't meant to be some sort of an argument starer and also didn't notice the year lol, u right shpuld have noticed that, but nonetheless thx for the reply 🙂

  26. @Bakuhatsu233 nah mate its all good i just thaught wtf lol

  27. HEEEEYYYYY its using sound effects from stargate! WTF? the alarm is the wraith base…. (SGA) and theres the gate opening when the ppl launch!!!!!! ????????

  28. This reminds me so much of Imperium Galactica 2 !!!

  29. Yeah I'll take computer game recommendations from someone who based their name on flash games.

  30. $1500!? It sounds like you need a new hobby, well unless of course you buy everything new and just jump from mindless fps to sports update at $60 a game.

    And hey, nothing against flash games. Everyone's gone through that time in junior high when they have nothing better to do in computer lab but play flash games with 3 buttons and about one minute of original gameplay.

    They're also great because most are unchallenging games with simple premises. I know some gamers can't stand deep gameplay.

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