Angry Birds Kingdom (by Rovio) - free online action game for Android - gameplay. -

Angry Birds Kingdom (by Rovio) – free online action game for Android – gameplay.

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Soft Launched

Battle the pigs, build the ultimate Bird Kingdom, and rescue the eggs!

The Piggy Sheriff just can’t keep his greedy hands off the eggs! It’s up to Red and his flock of Angry Birds to go to battle against those green goons, rescue the eggs, and save the future of bird-kind. Take out waves of enemies in fast-paced battles to earn rewards and create the ultimate Bird Kingdom. To the victor go the eggs!


BATTLE the egg-stealing pigs as you progress through levels in quick-fire battles of 10-15 seconds.

SLING your birds using the mighty slingshot during battles and watch everything go BOOM!

CREATE and expand your bird kingdom with rewards earned from battle, upgrade your buildings, customize your kingdom and much more.

COLLECT a powerful flock of your favorite Angry Birds characters like Red, Chuck or Bomb and embark on daring adventures to earn handsome rewards.

LEVEL UP your birds with powerful boost combinations as you blast through levels deep in piggy territory.

EXPLORE birdwood forest and join Red on a new big adventure as he battles the Piggy Sheriff and his cruel egg tax.

STRATEGICALLY reposition your flock in real-time combat to dodge the attacks from the pigs or place your bird for a perfectly timed special attack.

Free online game.

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  1. Game is out of development 💀💀 but nice vid ❤️

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