Armor Age: Tank Wars (by HeroCraft) - free online strategy game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Armor Age: Tank Wars (by HeroCraft) – free online strategy game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Armor Age is a tactical RTS set in the world of 20th century tank battles.

Take command of a squad of war machines and lead it through a whole row of battle operations!
Fight in campaign and survival modes. Level up your tanks and their crews and get blueprints for new technologies.

Choose up to five tanks for your squad from a large number of real-world combat vehicles, each having its own role on the battlefield!

Your personal hangar can fit a squad suitable for any tactical and playing style. Challenge other players to PvP battles to try out your tactical ideas and shine as a commander.

Realistic and straightforward controls;
Historically accurate combat vehicles from various countries;
A variety of tactical situations and missions;

Armor Age: Tank Wars — WW2 Platoon Battle Tactics.

Free online game.

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  1. bro I sub to Your channel sub to my channel

  2. Why not make a mech game based on this engine..

  3. There is one bad thing about pvp :THE FUCKING BOMBS. There is always a player who use all bombs in the map and this is bullshit.Because its kill a tank in two go.

  4. Good Game, But Ruined by Those Fucking Cruel "One Shot Kill" Cheaters on PvP

  5. it's almost looking like RTS game just need building

  6. Игра нравится. Играю порядка полтора года, открыл 6 золотых танков, осталось чуть-чуть фиолетовых. С нетерпением ждём обновления, новых миссий и конечно же новых танков!

  7. This game looks amazing , great video Thank You , i need also to make videos about this game for my youtube channel 👌😊👍

  8. The music and geography look like us conflict game

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