Best FREE Games On Steam 2021 Edition -

Best FREE Games On Steam 2021 Edition

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Keep your wallets closed, as this video is all about the best free games you can play on steam.

What’s better than sitting down at your PC to a new game? Well, sitting down to a new game that’s totally free of course! We’ve scoured Steam for a selection of ten great games you can play right now. Whether you’re into indie adventures, fast-paced shooters, or sitting down to a board game, there’s something for you. Plus check out the rest of the Logitech G channel for our other free games lists to save you even more!

So here is our list of the best free games to play on Steam:

Intro 00:00
1 Spellbreak 0:46
2 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game 1:37
3 Destiny 2 2:34
4 Digital Combat Simulator 3:30
5 Brawlhalla 4:22
6 Missed messages 5:19
7 Paladins 6:03
8 The Supper 6:54
9 Tabletopia 7:41
10 Apex Legends 8:32
Outro 9:24

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  1. It's as if I just heard 800,000 wallets screamed in joy.

  2. no one cares about Logitech… the writer and narrator are awesome

  3. I played spellbreak and just fly around the whole game literally didnt touched the ground after i got the fly thing and the wind weapon🤣🤣🤣

  4. I love the narrator. She's very enthusiastic, but not over the top and annoying.

  5. Anyone who read this comment. I recommend you to play the paladins. I already played this a lot so I know how fun this game is. Great game, good graphics and I recommend you to play paladins 🙂

  6. Is there a some like me to waited for dota2 hha

  7. love the list, at least one that isn't only about shooting games

  8. 3:37 bro dcs isnt really "free" and it takes hours upon HOURS of figuring out what the hell your doing, if your up for that, go for it

  9. To people curious as to why Dota 2 isn't included, it caused me PTSD.

  10. thanks for this you uploaded your video in my birthday. :)))))

  11. how is warframe not in here its a pretty fun free game

  12. Toram Online is a great game too, I've been playing that recently.

  13. i remember stumbling upon 6 missed messages. God it felt so real.

  14. hey, ya know people who cant afford games dont have a fully op gaming pc so please put some games for low end pc gamers, it would be a great help 🙂

    edit: there is no hate, cheers 😀

  15. There's way too many battle royals these days 😮‍💨

  16. CHITUS💖⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    Brawlhalla ❤️
    Challenging has quite a learning curve though, but still worth it ❤️

  17. Any Julian Henley game (excluding the one so successful that ActiVision forced it to be removed) will do it for you!

  18. they didn't talk about the 5th top played game on steam, tf2. which is also f2p

  19. Destiny 2 is pay to win, you literally have to buy the expansions if you wanna compete, not fun 0 out of 10

  20. TableTopia is free to install but you have to pay $10 monthly to play the games.

  21. Me: teen with no needing to pay for things to live
    also me: not wanting to spend any of my money what so ever

  22. I love how shes kinda roasting epicgames fortnite age group

  23. i really recomand Brawl Halla its a lot of fun

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