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You’ve been saving your pennies up all year long to get a nice shiny new next gen console and now you’re looking for some games to play… well here’s some great news! There’s a whole load of free to download games available on Xbox, including some that are optimised to take full advantage of Xbox Series X|S!

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  1. Guys how can i play this games without money

  2. Hold on… This is the dude I used to watch play warzone

  3. I really thought there was a mandalorian game but it was fortnite

  4. I got a series X for Christmas and I had a Xbox one S before and I want new game

  5. U forgot l, genshin impact and warface, apex legends, vigor, rogue company

  6. Realm royale game worked for me and no gold but now it needs gold ;(

  7. Rocket league
    War zone/black ops Cold War
    Destiny 2

  8. Free to play games will soon no longer require Xbox Live Gold, as Xbox just announced !

  9. Just got the series x 2 days ago so I’m lookin

  10. I like how almost all are epic games games

  11. I was like I swear to god it better not be fortnite I screamed so loud dam you

  12. I Like to eat the food after i drink the water says:

    In my opinion rocket league is too sweaty

  13. The amount of times I thought he swore is unreal 😂😂😂

  14. Thanks because now I got games to play thanks i liked the vid

  15. can you do a family friendly free game video

  16. this list sucks it has fortnite in it unsubbed and disike

  17. Do you have to be subscribed to play this games

  18. recommending fortnite is the worst thing you can do

  19. I’ve played Destiny and Destiny 2nfor 3 years so I can proudly say too that they are really good. It May look simple but honestly the game is insanely complex

  20. I hate that you have to buy a subscription to be in a party of play FREE games

  21. For lazy people like me and my personal rating on the games:

    1- Rocket League 9/10

    2- Fortnite 💩/10

    3- COD warzone 7/10

    4- Dauntless 5/10

    5- SMITE 5/10

    6- Vigor 6/10

    7- War Thunder 6/10

    8- Destiny 2 9/10

  22. Out of 8 games, which one can be played offline?

  23. all pvp games…. where phantasy star online 2 new genesis….+ tera, etc, no any recommended this game in all video Free games….

  24. Man. This video sucked. I already know all of these. Guys. Check out centuries age of ashes and crossfire x. They aren't that popular

  25. Why apex legends is not in this list????😕🤔🤔

  26. Sorry but the first two are just trash and I have no interest in either of them whatsoever. I don't do the sheeple games that pretty much everyone feels like they should be playing for fear of missing out I don't work like that I like to find something that I like and enjoy it myself offline instead of being part of the rat race type games that have a huge amount of popularity contest attached to them and have the kiddies hypnotised within a week of coming out, BUT, I do love to watch the sheeple who spend a ton of money on stuff like skins for their characters that do Absolutely Nothing whatsoever for their gameplay abilities but they are still gonna feel like it's important that they "look cool" when they're playing online infront of all their little stranger friends who are people who they're never gonna meet and who shouldn't matter to them one little bit but yet somehow they really Really care about the opinions of these strangers whilst they are playing said game…(I know! It sounds even more ridiculous when you say it out loud doesn't it but these game makers have still got millions pouring in every week from around the world thanks to the type of sheeple who are absolutely fine with wasting money on a game just to make their character look good for their friends!….Never have and definitely never will (even I'm not that stupid and that's saying something believe me!). It's so crazy that character skins in video games is now a literal multi million dollar business I cannot believe that sheeple are that naive and stupid but they definitely are!

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