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Cool online free first person shooter on pc about world war 2 ! Heroes & Generals


  1. I deleted my account in this game 2 years ago. To many cheaters with aimbots:)))

  2. If you have played it you know how p2w it is

  3. Hey beat war games you should enter into my giveaway because I think it could help out ur channel

  4. You will find this game on steam okay guys

  5. Totally incredible game and the way you played this game was super too..Thank you so so much for your videos too..

  6. Every gun in the game has a scope. It was better before they
    did that.

  7. This game is horrible. This game is 100% pay to win. If you not pay will be just a rabbit to be killed

  8. This is a horrible game. Worst ever FTP game. Hard af ..

  9. The game is bad for tankers AT Rambo canser kids are every where i don't worry about king tiger in my jumbo but i worry if enemy AT reaches me damn para planes get r@ped by the pilots pilots usally go 2vs5 or even more .
    Only infantry is viable just make one AT an assault rifle guy a lmg guy and a smg guy and for Russians a PTRD guy for fun and always with minium mods up to 2 for all set ups and you will make your money no matter what and have your share of fun.

  10. If you want your tank to be destroyed by a stack of hey, if you want enemy tanks to silently creep behind you as an infantryman, if you want to suffer premium players oppression, if you want a game where game developers are adamant in not fixing the bugs, if you want a game that hasn't had yet a serious update, if you want a game where you character suddenly loses control and wanders around like a madman, etc,etc….then this is a game for you! I would rather play Minecraft!

  11. Heroes and Generals is totally unballanced and in favour to Allies. It's a shame

  12. It always loading so long time for find a match. That's not exaggerating, I can watch a movie to wait the match

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