Best Free Online Open World Games You Should Play With Friends 2021 -

Best Free Online Open World Games You Should Play With Friends 2021

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Best Free Online Open World Games You Should Play With Friends 2021


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  1. Albion online is a more hard-core mmorpg because if you get killed in most parts of the world you will lose everything you worked for EVEN your mount that could be extremely expensive. I stopped playing after that happened to me and a friend, I wish there were more safe pve areas.

  2. Don't mess with genshin impact guys. Day 1 player here company does not
    give a good god damn about its player base. Its a really high potential
    game in the early portions of play but once you reach end game there is
    absolutely nothing to do trust me.The prices for everything are insane and through the roof
    And all the company does it keep releasing new characters and temporary in game events. You log in once a
    day for 35 mins and have nothing else to do until the broke ass stamina
    system refills 24 hours later. Many of us are starved for content and
    have since moved on. They want your money for bare minimum of nothing in
    content for endgame when you should be enjoying the game the most you
    get absolutely nothing. The spiral abyss was a dps check that didnt take
    long to power creep over nothing engaging with any purpose to even
    continue to grind your chars. Its slow its barren and empty and the
    company won't even acknoledge the thousands of us who are crying out
    with consnstructive critism about the lack of endgame. They give you
    nothing period. Avoid it.

  3. Damn i really miss the old times. I used to have so many friends we would play tove build some stuff and shit like that… Now, well… I have a pretty deep depresion nothing is makeing me happy tbh i am crying rn. Thank you for the vid man.

  4. Don't get genshin impact. It's packed with spyware and rootkits

  5. This man put roblox and "impactful gameplay" in the same context, u the man

  6. I wanna game like the Witcher 3 or red dead redemption but has online for console

  7. I look up videos like this but every one gives me the same type of games that I’m not into. I’m starting to give up on gaming 😂

  8. Stay away from gach games. It will ruin your life

  9. im just looking for games like this that are free but on ps4 it’s never both always just free games but half of them aren’t on ps4 or co op games that are on ps4 but not free

  10. ""i need friend" part is good like you put flash on the first part of your guide

  11. I enjoyed playing Rift as a f2p could get just about everything lvl / explore wise – there was in game option to unlock stuff but it’s been a min. Similar to gw2
    Looking for something new to play with my 5yr old, we play d2/3, Minecraft and fortnite atm

  12. All the episodes of DC universe are going free by summer. Hopefully it will bring up the population.

  13. Take Genshin out the list it's pretty much perfect, good work and keep at it! ( just my opinion don't hate if you like wasting hundreds trying to get that one pull you really want, you do you 😉 )

  14. He ends every single sentence with a tone of questioning it's making it hard for me to choose which

  15. you talked about trove as if you never played it

  16. I can see a few interesting games between the Ads, great!

  17. planetside is very underrated because its most enjoyable with friends. trust me, its just different when you are with atleast 3 friends. i tried playing it with 5 or more and we all had a blast!

  18. Trove is a money grabbing scam. They buffed the first boss so it went from an easy solo at higher level to damn near impossible to get people to spend more money leveling up.

  19. Guys please tell a highly recommended games in this list pleaseee tell me i want like super open world and then playable with friends and not too high graphics bit if high its okay.. please tell me a free game in this list

  20. Every game listed is like 10 years old…

  21. Atleast write the names somewhere. I can't figure out what you're saying. What's the game before genshin impact?

  22. Bless Unleashed


  23. What ever happened to hard-core competitive pvp games that don't look like they are for 5 year old girls? I'm getting close to just putting down video games. It's not what it used to be.

  24. The way you only finish half of your sentences is
    1) Annoying
    2) Tells me you haven't put much time into your opinions/commentary.

  25. Planetside 2 will forever be one of my favorite games because to me its one of a kind

  26. Thank you for remember me the game i use to play wen i was a child Runescape

  27. Hey Skylent Shore. You still grinding bro. I remember your voice from MMOhut or something like that. I subbed when I saw u had your own channel. keep it up, somethings gotta give. I have Covid 19 BTW. If I don't make it I'm just saying I hope you do.

  28. The problem is, I don’t have friends!

  29. genshin impact is not rly a co op game imo… first everyone plays solo until you can play so op lul

  30. i loved playing skyrim but my ps3 broke so i could not play it anymore and i am not allowed to buy games so this kinda helped me out finding a new free rpg

  31. Bad thing on Genshin Impact co-op: almost all missions and campaign CANNOT be done in co-op mode.

  32. Nice one, Subscribed, Please keep it coming..

  33. should let people know FYI You will need to reach AR level 16 before Co-op becomes available.

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