Best FREE RPG Games on PC -

Best FREE RPG Games on PC

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What’s up everyone? In this vid, we’ll be going over some of the best RPG games on PC (not just on Steam).

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  1. Not a big fan of rpgs but my friend to convinced me to try something
    I played warframe and dauntless but im getting bless unleahed because it sound so cool

  2. ughh, how you can put eve in a list like this. Eve is fun if you started playing 15 years ago, or if you like your entire account being a slave for other players who have been playing a decade. You know how really bad pay-to-win games have it to wear free players are just fodder for paying players… it is like that, but not with money, with time. There is no catching up, no way to be a real player, your gameplay will be a little bit of solo stuff and then a lot of being a peon for the longtime players.

  3. Downloading Dauntless, thanks A LOT for doing this kind of videos

  4. Bruh you forgot aether strikers in Dauntless

  5. How could you not mention the variety of combat styles the warframe designs can offer you 🥺

  6. Will definitely try spiral knights and dauntless

  7. Where can I find Genshin impact because I searched it on steam but nothing popped up. PLEASE HELP MEE

  8. 7000 hours invested in warframe haven't spent a single cent in game have every thing except for excalibur prime 1200 login days totally suggest if u got nothing to do and go for high risk high reward

  9. Grimms hollow sucks… all those pixilated type games suck imo never liked the style

  10. And poe is just diablo, if u dont understand how to play it then u never played diablo

  11. Im playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since it's free to play release and i still think it is one of the best narrative driven RPGs out there IF you love star wars and the lore behind it.

  12. swtor is good but u need to have sub to unlock exp and lvl cap

  13. From someone who beta tested blesh unleashed its definitely a try u get addicted very easily

  14. Alternate title: Best FREE Role Playing Game Games on PC

  15. suggestions: deltarune (of course), and dwellers empty path. both really good games.

  16. As a genshin impact player, if you are thinking of playing the game, I'd recommend that stay away from the twitter community of genshin. Other than that, the game is pretty good. And if you are a story enjoyer, the game also has so much lore you would be surprised. As for the main story, it gets significantly better after the first city. So if you find the story boring, just wait until you get to then 2nd city and you will start to love the game.

  17. I'm getting a heart attack of him pronouncing Genshin as "Jenshin"

  18. We're probably all genshin players looking for a reason to quit or a game to play because of burnout

  19. I want to give most games a chance cause watching you play is teasing me a bit cause of my slow wifi

  20. if someone cant afford £60 to buy a steam game they cant afford the graphics card to run some games on this list any way i can pirate most games so couldnt care lmao i was running eve online on lowest pixel quality my pc supports and it still looked like a PowerPoint slide show it was that laggy i alt f4 out the game before i couldnt find graphics settings genshin impact i love but cant run so good :c

  21. warframe is fun until you're a demigod and the hardest task in the game is finding a reason to do the same sh*t all over again just to be able to deal 10 more dps out of your current 10000000000

  22. Trying to take a Genshin Impact break so looking for alternatives while I take a break.

  23. I played POE for about an hour, I saw they charged $72 for a skin I liked, instantly deleted.

  24. I might just try dauntless, it seems really good. I just want to try something new

  25. Dang bless unleashed isn't available in my country

  26. I am honestly getting bored on Minecraft and RPG is something that I like

  27. Swtor isn't related to kotor. They are just both set in the republic era…

  28. Are there any RPGs without killing something? Just tasks?

  29. can i play warframe smoothly with low video settings when I have i3 processor.2 gb graphic card of intel hd graphics if i am sure.I have a potato pc you see

  30. I like genshin over all except for the fact that I can’t have all my characters out at the same time it’s pretty lonely but other than that everything about the game is something I love

  31. trust me, genshin is realy good
    theres always something to do
    -you can fight
    -you can explore
    -you can do quests
    -you can find oud and play storues
    -you can do domains
    -you can farm and grind eg for charackters
    -the story and regions are still progressing so you always have something new
    -you often have events wich you can do for rewards or just leave aside
    ->so its never boring
    i realy recomend trying it, it may be a little confusing in the beginning but after that its just the perfeckt game

  32. لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  33. If I see Warframe on another top free list I'm uninstalling YouTube

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