Best Free To Play Grinding Games You Can Play With Friends Online | SKYLENT -

Best Free To Play Grinding Games You Can Play With Friends Online | SKYLENT

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Best Free To Play Grinding Games You Can Play With Friends Online | SKYLENT

0:00 Intro
1:05 Maplestory / Dungeon Fighter
2:44 Planetside 2
4:22 Trove
5:27 Albion Online
7:47 Dauntless
8:48 Path of Exile
10:01 Phantasy Star Online 2
11:30 Genshin Impact
13:01 Dungeon Defenders 2
14:45 Warframe

Looking for games where grinding is fun? Here is a list of free pc games that are totally free to play grinding games that you can play with friends. Some are hack n slash, some arpg, some are pvp fps, have a whole lot of different online games for you to jam to.


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  1. I thhink we need more good open world mmorpg mob grinder in which it is very difficult to reach the max lvl without the option to cash xp scrolls.

  2. Genshin looks really nice BUT playing as multiple characters that I can switch on the fly is a big NO-NO for me, I want to create my own character, not play the most powerful one I get from a damn random gambling mechanic… so the Gacha thing turn me off BIG FOOKING TIME. Visually looks awesome but I'll never try it.

  3. I was looking for level grinding, Party multiplayer, and open world 😅Can anyone tell me some games for android?

  4. maplestory.. japanese game?…. it is a korean game.

  5. albion i wish my ping like you skylent, my ping is around 300 T.T

  6. wait is dark souls free?
    like someone tell me
    i need to know

  7. Warframe is great for people with adhd 🙂 that game is boom boom boom next bam plow next. And so on

  8. Can i play this games without graphics card or Intel i5 cuz I really like grinding game's

  9. "so much numbers" All I needed to hear my guy, all I needed to hear

  10. fckng warframe bunch of lying fckrs wasted 5kh just to lie in my fckgn eyes

  11. i'm seeing Phantasy star show up a lot on people's lists, i might end up trying it.

    Genshin is super close to the best on the list, but it falls flat on it's face because of how dogshit the endgame is, it's not even the droprates for the characters that makes it terrible for me, it's the fact that in order to make progress you have to put up with the resin system which honestly just killed the game for me.

    Warframe started as one of the most amazing games i've ever played. I must've played it for like 3 years on ps4, and it was absolutely amazing, but then they started changing a lot of shit, ignoring issues that made the endgame boring as fuck, and just adding the most useless content they could've possibly come up with (like open world maps, archwing, etc.)… now it's been years since i last played it, and i can't find a single reason to go back because of how terrible every new update has been to this day.

    I'm looking for a game like this minus the endgame being trash, but it's gonna be tough to find one. Fingers crossed for Phantasy star to not suck! xD

  12. dd2 is under loved because its trash now they arnt updating it anymore cuz of their trash game

  13. 10:02 Finally something I can play "open steam search phantasy star online 2 saw the Gb" Oh my god WHYYYYYY

  14. Please care to bump the thumb and don't forget to sub! We can hit 100k we got this! Keep the hype alive. I'm going to be grinding a bit in Genshin Impact if you guys want to go follow my

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