Best #MMO To Play if You Don't Have Friends -

Best #MMO To Play if You Don’t Have Friends

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Best MMO To Play if You Don’t Have Friends
top mmorpg mmo games to make friends and meet people

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  1. No dude I know you you like PVP and you know obviously planetside Joe it’s nothing but PVP there’s not a single theory element in the game at all right so it should be fine oh you should be joining the robots Bam you’re always playing on the underdog not always sometimes again mysteriously queued up on the guys that are winning but you’re supposed to always be on the laws population team so you should be playing as a robot

  2. By the way I just downloaded it again and I told her to download on my consul so that I can play the Halloween event I know it’s going on because I got an email about the Halloween event but I have now been playing playing outside but I am going to go because there are really cool rewards for completing the Halloween event like you know berries masks and weapon scans and things like that that you can put on and I lost all that shit when I deleted one of my accounts

  3. Oh it doesn’t fact I have guilt I thought you actually play this game once or twice it does have gilts there’s all kinds of them I mean there’s some really big ones in fact each faction has you know massive guilds that include a large number of people so I’m not sure what you’re talking about but the important part is that it’s three factions I’ll fighting over the same territories nonstop 24 seven and 65 days a year and there are literally hundreds of people of these battles

  4. Dude why don’t you stream there’s no reason you can’t stream solo play stream quest line from start to finish and yes so I just play I played a lot of years old I never finish the quest line but it’s good it’s really good it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen it’s all pretty much solo and it’s all voice activation want to cinematic Salonica screens that are really well put together why not stream the whole fucking thing from start to finish so I’ll make that a bitch that you stream yes I was solo

  5. Again dude every fucking MMORPG as a solo storyline they just don’t make them any other way baby ones sorry line let you go play with the team any chance your main quest it just doesn’t happen that way

  6. Dude animals are made the same way they were 20 years ago they’re made to be played along their way to be played with friends if you want to but the main quest and almost every MMO requires you to complete most of it solo or at least do you have to complete your quest line and there is if you’re working with friends then they have to complete their quest line ESO take that out of your hand most of the shit you have to do well are you OK far as the voice actor parts go it’s all solo because they are so loyal stances you can’t even bring a friend but when you leave that solo instance to go cowboys something you can take a friend along to help you but it’s not it’s not moving very quiet storage Lauren your forward

  7. A lot of people don't understand why some would want to only play solo in an MMO. MMO doesn't necessarily mean you should be forced to do things in groups. More that you are online, things (often) progress even if you are offline and that others will be living in your world. That aside, next question is often "why not play a single player game then?". For me, personally, it's because single player games leave me feeling alone. A sort of claustrophobic feeling as well. I feel trapped, even despite trying big open world games. In an MMO I see others around me, the economy can change depending on players, crafting, trading and selling has a deeper meaning and sometimes people are RP'ing, making the world more living and dynamic. Another reason being is that a lot of MMOs often develop more content throughout the years than a single player game. So I feel like I can completely devout myself to it without the 'worry' of it being abandoned and never expanding. It doesn't have an end, in many cases at least.

    These are just my personal reasons and maybe it can help some people understand the feeling of wanting to go full out solo mode in an MMO.

  8. You hit the nail on the head with ESO. It's highly underrated

  9. FFXIV is definitely the MMO where it's really hard to find some friends. I have been playing many MMO's for last 20 years and this is the first one when I had problems with finding them and socialize. It's full of snowflakes, people who don't want to talk (chat in the game is mostly empty).

  10. You cant play gw2 without friends, cause you'll make them ig :3

  11. Solo Planetside 2 vet here. It's actually still very easy to play if you don't join a squad. I've spent years going it alone and you can still follow hordes around and make a difference. One of the things I like to do it sit a bit back and keep an overwatch on the main Sunderers. Spot any enemy vehicles that come in for a back attack, or take out LA's that try to flank with some C4.
    Pull a Skyguard and follow a pack around for when the TR eventually pull all the aircraft.
    Even pulling a Sunderer of your own and deploying it between a base your faction is defending and the enemy spawn area is a massive tactical move since others will spawn at it and then the enemy can get pincered.
    The game is the literal definition of being able to play alone with other people.

  12. Hi there. This is for me too. 😀 You mentioned all my favorites. I'm a veteran of FF14 myself but would certainly recomment every game mentioned here and adding (like others have already) Star Wars the Old Republic. Thank you for this vide. All the best for your growing channel! Stay safe.

  13. I think ESO is king in terms of how much you can enjoy the game playing solo, since you can build your character to actually solo almost everything in the game, except of course trials-vet trials, and some vet dungeons. You can solo arenas that you shouldn't be able to, even in vet, you can solo a dungeon easy, you can solo world bosses, delves, etc, and the quests allow you to play solo too, so it's a nice game if you don't want to follow a group of people and just want to enjoy yourself like in a normal rpg or another Elder Scrolls.

  14. It's pretty sad that some people don't have friends
    and even when they play game they don't try to make friends
    Is this some kind of new age?? cause when i was younger 2001-2008 we used to talk to each other
    hell i even met my first girlfriend when i was watching her from window walking with a DOG
    and i was runing down the stairs so fast ..and then i came to her and ask her if she wants to go OUT
    it was akawrd but she said yes and 😀 i met a lot of people like that in my youth runing around projects and just randomly jump into conversation
    and when i started to play World of warcraft the first thing i did was talking to people on Team speak 😀

  15. And now non paying mmo's 😀
    I'm really tired and don't want to pay subscriptions anymore 😀

  16. SWTOR is the best solo-MMO if you ask me. Best story ever created.

  17. Any good solo mmo with gear progression?

  18. FFXIV does have huge open world bosses later on! just got to the part where you said that and had to comment!

  19. GW2 i honestly enjoy playing solo. And no matter where my character is knocked out someone always come to revive OwO. There's a huge world to explore. And if you do want to make friends, very easy to join guilds.

  20. i know this is a hot take but Destiny 2 is a fps mmo too

  21. Video: its 2:39 am where I live
    Me, who whatches this video at 2:39: 😳

  22. FF14 is great solo, even better if you find good friends and guild (fc)

  23. I have many friends, but none of them are gamers

  24. This list was clearly made by someone who doesn't really get what a solo MMO player actually wants.This is closer to a "I don't have IRL friends but want online friends" list than a solo player list. It's still a great list of solo friendly games, though!

  25. Uhhh dude thanks you! My game style 😀 No friends and casual interaction, with potential to make some friends:D

  26. This video should be called "Best #MMO to play while new world is released"

  27. Great vid. I almost always play alone and I agree about Planetside 2 (and yes, Vanu rules). GuildWars 2 has been a fav for solo play, too. Warframe is always good, too. I'd like to see your next 10 picks after these five if you do a follow up. I subscribed.

  28. played Black Desert Online a bit, couldnt figure out what to do as the english translation was bad a times and was just lost as what to do

  29. Plenty of good MMOs out there, none of them are perfect.
    Choose the one you like, I will continue playing GW2 and already pre ordered End of Dragons

  30. Rarely play with peeps. Hoping can play better on new world…

  31. “Maybe I’m the only one that can make this list” You can literally play every big mmo alone, not that hard of a list to come up with

  32. what do you mean? bro play ffxiv a little more because all the things u say it doesnt have, it has XD

  33. also uhmmm OSRS, what about raids? PVP? wilderness? GWD? nightmare?windertod etc

  34. Can we please get a list of MMOs that are good to play with a controller?
    Sometimes you just wanna sit back and chill at a game instead of being all up in front of the screen on a KB and Mouse

  35. Guild Wars 2 simply can beat the shit out of every mmo out there in every aspects whether you've friends or not. You forgot the mention that.

  36. Bold of you to assume I have no friends. I mean you not wrong tho

  37. Honestly I recommend FFXIV and yes you will have to pay subscription but it does keep the game going and the developer’s will keep adding more content. You can play it solo to some extent but dungeon’s, trial’s and raid’s all use a group finder system if you play dps the queue normally takes longer but tank’s and healer’s won’t have to wait as long to get in. FFXIV has a class just about everyone will like so definitely read about it if you need to it was a wonderful experience in my opinion I’d recommend it to everyone.

  38. the black dessert character looked so cool , you made her?

  39. Final Fantasy XIV Best MMORPG.

    You're welcome.

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