Best #MMO To Play if You Don't Have Friends -

Best #MMO To Play if You Don’t Have Friends

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Best MMO To Play if You Don’t Have Friends
top mmorpg mmo games to make friends and meet people

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  1. FF14 is great solo, even better if you find good friends and guild (fc)

  2. I have many friends, but none of them are gamers

  3. This list was clearly made by someone who doesn't really get what a solo MMO player actually wants.This is closer to a "I don't have IRL friends but want online friends" list than a solo player list. It's still a great list of solo friendly games, though!

  4. Uhhh dude thanks you! My game style 😀 No friends and casual interaction, with potential to make some friends:D

  5. This video should be called "Best #MMO to play while new world is released"

  6. Great vid. I almost always play alone and I agree about Planetside 2 (and yes, Vanu rules). GuildWars 2 has been a fav for solo play, too. Warframe is always good, too. I'd like to see your next 10 picks after these five if you do a follow up. I subscribed.

  7. played Black Desert Online a bit, couldnt figure out what to do as the english translation was bad a times and was just lost as what to do

  8. Plenty of good MMOs out there, none of them are perfect.
    Choose the one you like, I will continue playing GW2 and already pre ordered End of Dragons

  9. Rarely play with peeps. Hoping can play better on new world…

  10. “Maybe I’m the only one that can make this list” You can literally play every big mmo alone, not that hard of a list to come up with

  11. what do you mean? bro play ffxiv a little more because all the things u say it doesnt have, it has XD

  12. also uhmmm OSRS, what about raids? PVP? wilderness? GWD? nightmare?windertod etc

  13. Can we please get a list of MMOs that are good to play with a controller?
    Sometimes you just wanna sit back and chill at a game instead of being all up in front of the screen on a KB and Mouse

  14. Guild Wars 2 simply can beat the shit out of every mmo out there in every aspects whether you've friends or not. You forgot the mention that.

  15. Bold of you to assume I have no friends. I mean you not wrong tho

  16. Honestly I recommend FFXIV and yes you will have to pay subscription but it does keep the game going and the developer’s will keep adding more content. You can play it solo to some extent but dungeon’s, trial’s and raid’s all use a group finder system if you play dps the queue normally takes longer but tank’s and healer’s won’t have to wait as long to get in. FFXIV has a class just about everyone will like so definitely read about it if you need to it was a wonderful experience in my opinion I’d recommend it to everyone.

  17. the black dessert character looked so cool , you made her?

  18. Final Fantasy XIV Best MMORPG.

    You're welcome.

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