Best #MMO To Play if You Don't Have Friends -

Best #MMO To Play if You Don’t Have Friends

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Best MMO To Play if You Don’t Have Friends
top mmorpg mmo games to make friends and meet people

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  1. Guild wars 2 is better than all of these at bringing people together.

  2. Definitely BDO, but why showcase old gameplay footage that isn't with Remastered details and better UI

  3. this man put OSRS mid way. COME ON the best one ever to come back too

  4. " wanna feel something & be around people " now i'm know that im not the only one have this awkward feeling…

    thanks… = )

  5. BDO eats your time a lot its a SLOWEST progression,, some content is like a chore that needs to be log in (and leave) to progress. Most not worth the time to spend with a very little progress.

  6. i like play mmo's sometimes alone because people online can be toxic pricks

  7. Dont forget that BDO is heavily p2w and the devs are shit. its sad for such a good game

  8. The original "the secret world" is an AMAZING solo mmo.

    It's a real shame we cannot create new accounts in that game anymore, but for those of you who still have an account available, I highly recommend giving it a retry.
    Especially since, let's face it, you were nowhere near biting into all the content!
    It's basically a solo action-rpg game with Multi-player features.

    My fav mmo of all time.
    Still got 5-10 players online at any given moment, and more when things are organized through the discord server.

    If you know someone who played this in the past, ask them to borrow their account.

    Amazing game.

  9. Runescape really does have the bedt quests in any MMO since they're actual missions instead of just kill x of this.

    Sadly the playerbase doesn't appreciate this and largely avoids quests unless they unlock something that will help them chop trees more efficiently.

  10. Soulworker is great to solo; the only real issue I found is that Linux users can’t play it unless they dual boot with windows (I am only adding it because I know someone would probably try). It’s a super cool game, and a ton of fun, but from my experience the whole thing is solo including the competitive side which is really a huge speed run thing it’s really unique.

  11. Gw2 everything group based is optional. Doing the story and open-world content is enough playtime for a good 1k hours min. Plus the open world is very active with events.
    In terms of finding some mates. Join a guild in any game that has a discord. Try to be extroverted or just become a very familiar memeber to everyone.

  12. osrs is my game meet some of my best friends on it. 10/10 list

  13. Guild Wars 2 is Great solo! The community is extremely helpful, welcoming and open to chatting.

  14. you can play sky(not u sky) from tgc,best social interactive game ever(not mmo)

  15. I love playing alone, I don't like to be rushed or be bothered. Eastward is a cool alone game, Eve online is another quiet game, kingdom of amalur reckoning 2, etc..

  16. Guild wars 1 has been a solo game for most of its life at this point but it still has that old school mmo meets classic rpg feel.

  17. I've always go solo even when my friends play the same game because i like to show up to raids/parties/guild events in weird gear and specs or an obscure solo meta and let them enjoy the numbers going across their screens

  18. Nah if you don't join a group for later raids and vet dungeons you miss out on a lot of good gear. If you want to really be alone then play BDO.

  19. World of Warcraft? They ruined it so much that now its practicly a SOLO play game, you have LFG LFR and what not, you dont need anyone, I went 2.1k arena with LFG, and cleared heroic raids quick….

  20. My biggest dilemma is I like playing alone because I don't like dungeons and raids… but I also don't like to fall behind power-wise and have cosmetics locked behind grouped content. I think everything that's available in a group activity should also be available for solo players… either by other means (other activities) or the same means with a lot more grind. I don't mind grinding for something if it's guaranteed I'll get it eventually.

  21. I don't understand solo mindset in mmos. Mmos are fun when largely the gameplay is a multiplayer. Because an MMO can never compete with a single play rpgs, but they makes up in multiplayer experience. You cannot compair gw 2 campaign and single player to witcher 3 or gothic 1,2 for example. I think soloing is a valid reason why many quit the mmo in the long run. I'm not saying mmos should not have solo content, but it should be a small part compared to the multiplayer part. I'm introverted and I still think purely soloable mmos are wrong.

  22. I dont know why, but I enjoy MMOs much more when I play alone. It feels like im the lone hero that is quiet, dark and mysterious, and yeah, I like that feeling.

  23. Final fantasy is something what my PC can run,

  24. 5- Final Fantasy IV 01:02
    4- Black Desert Online 02:25
    3- Runescape 04:20
    2- Planetside 2 05:56
    1- Elder Scrolls Online 07:36

    Personal recomendation:
    6- Destiniy 2
    5- Pso 2 online
    4- Mount and blade 2 Mod online
    3- Monster Hunter world
    2- Naraka Bladepoint
    1- Final Fantasy IV (i think this is the best mmorpg 2020/2021)

  25. ruenscape already has a single player mode called ironman

  26. bruh, why are you showing Shai? sure she is fun but there are SO MUCH better and cooler classes in BDO, it is INSANE

  27. LOTRO where the real adults hang out. Won't find any squeakers there.

  28. Never be scared to try and make friends in game. Theres tons of players, either they are dickheads or you have your best friends for the next couple of years. Ive made so many good and long friendships online

  29. Foxhole is another Great mmo that you can hop in and hop out of with. its a top down strategic WWII mosh pit. artillery, tanks, grenades, base building, Ganking, HUGE warfronts. check it out.

  30. very surprised Guild Wars 2 didnt get a mention 😮

  31. There's something about playing online games by myself that I enjoy. Maybe the fact that I know there are other people online makes it feel more social, without actually making me be social XD.

  32. when your friends are now married and with kids. Now im here.

  33. eso,swtor and destiny 2 are my top picks for a solo friendly mmo' wow and gw2 all you can really do spam bgs and level alts.

    personally i cant stand ff14's 2010 graphics so i dont play it but yea you can do a lot solo.

  34. I don’t really know about Final Fantasy obviously because I didn’t realize that it’s not an open world game I’m beginning to wonder is it actually MMO or is it just an instant coffee star game but dumb I guess maybe I’ll have to look at it at some point but black desert is a horrible game for casual players that you’re talking about but just kind of wanna play a single player environment the question is not great he was mostly about developing your character of the endgame for a PVP that really isn’t a lot of PVENNE except grinding or in all during life skills which mostly boils down just setting all your workers up to do their thing while you’re not even online and it’s overly complex better choice would be bless unleashed most of the story it will all of the story is solo however there are all kinds of world bosses you could join in with other players are in fact it’s a big component to the endgame the life skills in that game are not complex the roads are we easy the housing is a lot easier to deal with you can access your stash from anywhere you don’t have to go back to the bank that you put it in at Texas and I mean everything about my son leashed is done better than black desert except maybe the camera which is acceptable but not nearly as Action oriented but you can always find somebody to do a dungeon or any of the Joe man or the five man dungeons or are the little mini rates did you get the really hard dungeons there’s always Randalls to do them with and you don’t really need to know the people so if your friend Liz or looking to make friends that’s an avenue far better than black desert

  35. Yes war frame would in fact be a better choice although it’s not an MMO but it’s very easy to play war frame solo and then when you need help it’s also easy to jump into our co-op with Randalls to get it done

  36. No thanks dude but yeah this is like the stupidest video titled are you ever made all MMO‘s almost all have more or less single player questing it’s just the way I memos work they don’t try to make the quest lines Palmbay player dropping because it’s fucking hard I mean when I’m just the way ahead of someone else and we want to quest together I basically have to go through the errors with film and charge where I’m dealing nothing because if they go with me they’re getting way ahead of themselves I mean how do you do call Dave player co-op questing unless everybody only plays with each other at the same time and doesn’t play the game any other timeSo my point of almost every MMORPG but I have ever experienced as a more or less single player storyline that yes you can usually have somebody join in with you but it’s your story that they’re dancing it’s not bears generally you’re just encouraged to run through a story on your own and they’re all like that anyone more playing that’s the way they are

  37. By the way I defeated Gideon all by myself never once co-opt up with anybody teamed up with anybody and less unleashed and then store it was actually fun I know there’s been some changes to black deserts main quest line to make it actually you know level you up because he didn’t use the level you up if you have a grind millions of all kinds of critters to level up but now you can get a yellow light I 50s low 60s I think by doing the main story so maybe that’s better now but I am feeling so shitty West Lane it’s just giving you more experience

  38. Once I do it doesn’t have any fucking story do a dance so I gave it doesn’t belong in this video although it is the only LPS shooter that I know of that’s an actual MMORPG I mean you do have character development and then you have to develop far in all your various classes but there’s no story at all so there’s no solo play at all other than you can jump in and play without talking to anyone but you’re never playing alone ever because there’s nothing to do alone

  39. Because it’s a true MMORPG with thousands of people I mean OK maybe not thousands anymore I don’t care numbers on planet side two are declining greatly but there’s always 100 at least of people in the respective areas that you’re occupying because there is nothing to do in this game that’s solo with a few exceptions like right now the Halloween event is going on and one of the directors the things you have to do is run around and find these pumpkins which can be done completely solo but mostly there’s nothing so long to do in this game you’re either fighting other players or you’re not there really isn’t anything else

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