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  1. I'm new to this channel, what's the name of the guy that sounds like a more respectable and actually funny Arin Hanson?

  2. chris laughed too much for a long period of videos

  3. This were my favorite (the best) episodes of game grumps


  4. He took the robots back to the past
    To play some shitty games that suck ass

  5. "I was sucking a loli, then I fell off a trolley, he had whiplash, it was a very bad crash."

  6. 6:39 I never knows Zach could harness the raw power of a hawk like that

  7. anyone know the song at 31:40? it's been killing me. i swear it's like a pokemon or mario song, but i can't for the life of me remember it.
    edit: it's kass's theme from botw xd

  8. 28:47 I pictured the offline Chrome dinosaur as Zach and now I can't unsee it.

  9. Please for the love of god make more funny/parody songs!! I fucking piss every time and I would buy your album of just pure nonsensical funny shit and blast it in my car/house

  10. Black baby we probably one of the best series in the channel

  11. I like the idea of Mewtwo wiping his own memory in the Pokemon movie

  12. 5:00 absolutely 100% factual glimpse of listening to an actual episode of family guy being created in their studios

  13. I feel for that poor BurgerAndy guy.. That was a pretty douche move by that IceCunt. No wonder people swatted the shit out of him.

  14. Idk who any of you are but one of you sound alot like yellow dude from smiling friends

  15. that free horror game at the end is actually terrifying

  16. We're at the point the word "Jew" is being censored?
    Yeesh. Glad I have Sleepycast downloaded before that inevitably disappears

  17. "And don't you move, NO MATTER HOW MUCH I BEG"

  18. 1:09:52 i love when Chris is so legitimately scared that he screams “I can’t play this!!!”

  19. The FBI is gonna have questions about that black baby data

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