Best Online Multiplayer Games on Nintendo Switch -

Best Online Multiplayer Games on Nintendo Switch

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The Switch has a boatful of great online games, but which are the best? We know, that’s why we’ve made a video about it.

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  1. Splatoon 2 is not just the best online game on the Nintendo Switch but it's also the best online game in existence. I sure want to meet Hisashi Nogami and thank him and his team for making that like the way for ZUN and Tom Fulp. Heck, there are even new children who are having first time online multiplayer experience with it.

    Yes, I'm a Touhou fan and I've grown up my childhood with this video game series and Newgrounds.

  2. Thought that shirt said Nickelodeon, because this is some boring shit.

  3. Lol the way you talking about fortnite lol, it's a cool game but nah it's not pubg level tho, good for kids like you tho

  4. Friends? What is that word? Did you just make that up?

  5. Aww arms, Mario kart, Splatoon and smash Bros is my favourite game🥰🥰

  6. The fact you cant play co op online vs your friends in a battle arena is mind blowing to me. Nintendo dropped the ball on that big time.

  7. By the way, is the paid online good? Cause literally every comment i’ve seen just complained about the lag in every online game ever on the Switch. If you are gonna ask me what type of internet I have? Then is Verison a good internet connection that barely gets any lag from games?

  8. I don't have nintendo online but I can play fortnite online

  9. F zero is on smash? Almost wanna spend $78 for a game I'll play a few times.

  10. You forgot Warface and DC Universe, two of the best free online games idk how you forgot those two

  11. I've never had a connection issue with mario kart 8 except 1 time

  12. Is it just me or is street fighter 30th anniversary editions online terrible

  13. adding 4+9 could very well equal H for a drug dealer

  14. Only games I really play online are Smash and Mario Kart.

    What the Switch needs is Call of Duty: World at War Remastered.
    That game was so awesome back in the Wii days. I played so much online that I think I was 7th prestige or 8th.
    Great stuff and we need that for the Switch!

  15. I wish we could get Goldeneye online or something. Turok 2 is on switch but they took out the multiplayer 😐

  16. This is why Nintendo is for babies and people on the spectrum. Pretty wack unless your a bit special and vote Biden I suppose, just be a normal human being and get an Xbox series X ftlog.

  17. my fav game to play on the switch: forntite dont hate on me

  18. I’m not a gamer at all. I had a ds and a wii for like 6months as a kid 😂 but whenever I play a live game for the first time I do great. I was 3rd in fortnight my first try and I had so much gear but I never used it cuz I didn’t know how. I had all the BEST gear but lacked the skill to ever win despite it and my friends just felt ashamed

  19. Φως Χριστου να διωξει το ανθρωποκτονο σκοταδι says:

    I love an update of the list 😸

  20. 3rd strike is my favorite street fighter. Hell yeah. This boring pandemic has me feeling like getting a switch lite. Thanks for the list.

  21. Thank God you were covering that with your shoulder….it would have really been bothering me

  22. can u play any sports games against people online?

  23. Fighting games are a headache to play for Switch. The joystick and D-pad are not made for fighting games unless you're playing Smash.

  24. Fighting games are a headache to play for Switch. The joystick and D-pad are not made for fighting games unless you're playing Smash.

  25. Fuck this account! Come check out my nintendo videos!! If u wanna listen to some pathetic pussy talk about video games then continue to watch these amateur nerds. Come watch my videos for a handsome, well spoken man with at lease some dignity left.

    Sarcasm is really hard when its over text

  26. I love splatoon, i just dislike how imbalanced the “match making” is. I just started playing and i am level 5 as of the moment, And i was placed in a team with 1 Lv95, and 2 other Lv5’s, and the opponents had a team composed of people all Lv60 above.

  27. You can see his voice isn't deep, but he's tryna make it seem that way.

  28. do I need nintendo membership subscriptions if I want to play online games like naruto storm 4 online battles??

  29. I had my switch almost two years only game I played online is smash bro and Mario kart, but I always wanted to play x-men

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