Black Deck (by SayGames) - free online card battle ccg game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Black Deck (by SayGames) – free online card battle ccg game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Fend off the forces of evil in ferocious card battles. Test your skills in combat and build your collection of heroes in this epic turn-based trading card game with original core gameplay that’s easy to learn but fiendishly difficult to master.


⚈ 170 beautifully designed cards featuring fascinating characters from 10 different factions. Over 20 unique abilities and a sophisticated upgrade system with 10 tiers and 100 levels.

⚈ Explore a stunning fantasy world with 20 map locations and 180+ stages. Choose from 4 levels of difficulty for tcg novices or master strategists.

⚈ Fight the full gamut of evil forces in magic duels with 38 Epic Bosses or enter the PvP arena to do card battle with other rpg enthusiasts.

⚈ Battle your way through a card game campaign of over 600 quests, as well as 10 Special Events featuring original modes to ensure you’re never lacking an exciting challenge.

⚈ Cool artwork of compelling heroes and fearsome foes, plus eye-catching animation to enhance your trading card adventures.

⚈ Myriad other enhancements and features including autoplay to help you speed through campaigns, daily rewards to augment your trading card collection, and 15 battle items to craft for your doughty heroes.

Dangerous monsters, undead hordes and terrible demons are on the rise! Only you stand between the massed forces of evil and the total devastation of this beautiful fantasy world. Gather your heroes and start your epic adventure in this turn-based rpg that’s guaranteed to thrill fans of strategic card games.

Head into battle against fearsome enemies or pit your wits against other players in the PvP arena.

Black Deck – Card Battle ССG.

Free online game.

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